[EUSIA] Fifteen Years of ACP – Results!

ACP Anniversary, Clover Empire – Today marks 15 years of the Army of Club Penguins’ existence, and two years of the new generation. We celebrated this fun-filled day, with a history post, an event that managed to get a maximum size of 33 penguins, and a fun talent show to top it off!

Max: 33

Maximum size picture:

Our cloven friend is not a rogue

Event Pictures:

Fashion Show

It isn’t an ACP anniversary if we don’t have some form of fashion show. Here are the winners from this event!

Best War Outfit:


Best Wild Outfit:


Best Fair Outfit:


Best ‘Any Army Outfit’:


Anniversary King, Queen, Queen, and Queen (yes 3 queens):





15 Years of ACP History

With 15 years of snowballing, comes a vast and expansive history. 46th ACP Leader Max honored this history with a Top 15 Moments for the Shamrock Bulletin, so give that a read to see the highlights of the past decade and a half!


Thank you everyone for being here. Each every one of you – retired or active – are the reason ACP is what it is. We’ve passed half of our second decade, so to infinity and beyond!

Additionally, thank you to everyone who showed up for the anniversary event, make sure to comment below if you did!

Green Together, Family Forever


ACP Commander-in-Chief

2 Responses

  1. Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice ❤

  2. To another 15 years! 🍀

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