A Trip Down Memory Lane With Faith

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of the newest Monday column, A Trip Down Memory Lane, where we interview people about their favorite memory during their time in the Army of CP! This week’s edition will be featuring none other than Master General Faith. What is her favorite memory?

Faith first joined the Army of CP in late October of 2020. She then joined the staff team in February and has been a part of it ever since. Having been in ACP for a while now, Faith is sure to have made many fun memories. But which has she chosen as her favorites?

To find out more, I reached out to Faith for an interview regarding her favorite memory.

What has been your favorite memory during your time in ACP?

Well, my favorite memories have to be when I first joined this army and becoming a MOD.

What was your first impression of the army? What made it so memorable to you?

Hmm, my first impression of the army? I was very excited and thought it was very cool! It was my first time using Discord so I had no idea what anything meant or what I was supposed to do. Realizing that this was the very first army to be made, was something that made me proud to be part of ACP! And this has made it memorable also since I’ve never been in any armies and I made friends right off the bat.

How did you feel at first when you became a moderator?

Ohhh, very excited and nervous. I made a lot of mistakes the first week of being a mod:joy: When I got the text tho from CSY asking if I was ready to become a Moderator, I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting to become one right after the Colonel Test. But I was ready, I never thought I’d come this far.

Was there anything in particular that made these moments very memorable for you?

Yes actually. Chek was there for me and helped me with getting to where I am now! He’s been a big support in my journey, an amazing bestfriend, and such an amazing guy! He was the very first one I had spoken to in Bot Spam:rofl:. And I’d like to also mention the person who brought me into this army, which is Clover Kailey who is now retired. She also was a big help in getting me through everything with all the millions of questions I had about ACP and Club Penguin. Everyone who was there for me and supported me through this whole Journey, I thank every one of you and will forever love this army! GTFF for life.:heart:

It seems that Faith has chosen joining the Army of CP and joining the staff team as her two favorite memories, both of which were important moments that have led Faith to her important role in the ACP today. Who will be interviewed next week, and what memory will they choose?

What do YOU think about Faith’s favorite memories? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Co-ordinator & Shamrock Bulletin Editor

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  1. Great column Caramel, and awesome interview Faith! Loving this series!

  2. Great story loved reading it

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