Penguin Vogue with Frog

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to a new series of Penguin Vogue, where we interview our fellow members on their uniforms and the meanings and stories behind each item they wear! Today, we interview ACP Moderator and Shamrock Bulletin Editor Frog!

Starting from the top, Frog talked us through why he picked the iconic Viking Helmet:

I chose this item as it has essentially been the staple ACP item in the CPPS era – although the Roman Helmet was part of our original uniform, this helmet is the modern day recognisable sign of an ACP soldier.

Slung over his shoulder is the Expedition Backpack:

This item, which I have recently changed, is the closest I could get to the item I used throughout my first 6 or so months with ACP. When I decided to separate, my main and army accounts, obviously my inventory started again and this is the closest backpack I could get, thanks to the Mountain Expedition!

The main piece of his look is his Leprechaun Tuxedo:

This item was merely an item I added to make sure that my penguin was clearly green when previewed as an in game sprite. Often, you can look clearly green on your playercard but the sprite version of you in the room can, with a different perspective, look less like you intended. So… green!

For footwear, Frog has opted for a set of Black Hiking Boots:

Also as a result of the Mountain Expedition, these Hiking Boots were released with last month’s Penguin Style – they are extremely similar to the normal ‘Hiking Boots’ item and often footwear is difficult to decide in Club Penguin!

To finish the look off, Frog accessorised with the Neon Mania Background and United Kingdom pin.

This is a background that I’ve liked ever since I spotted it in the Penguin Style in February! It not only looks nice and colourful but also adds a nice background to my player card without making the penguin blend in too much, an issue that can be faced with many backgrounds! Particularly in armies, location can play a big role – you’ll see that most army servers have roles for US/EU/AUSIA so I decided that, like other UK members of the staff team, I would use the United Kingdom pin as my common item (it also helps that I don’t tend to have many other options)!

To conclude, we asked Frog why he believed that a uniform within the Army of CP was important:

I think that uniforms are important in armies at the moment because whilst they are used to differentiate different penguins and their armies, they are also customised by each member to show their individuality and personal style.

And there we have it! The first Penguin Vogue of the new series, featuring none other than the Shamrock Bulletin’s Editor Frog. Join us next week when we sit down with another member of the army and talk all things fashion.

What do YOU think? What items that they wear are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Administrator

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  1. Love this interview, Frog!

  2. Love it!

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