Top Ten Armies [6/27/21-7/03/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The first Top Ten of July brings a brand new Top Ten ranking.

↑ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [79.21] [+1]

↓ 2. Ice Warriors [79.11] [-1]

↓ 3. Army of Club Penguin [76.71] [-1]

↓ 4. Help Force [68.91] [-1]

↑ 5. Silver Empire [47.83] [+1]

↓ 6. Templars [47.43] [-1]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [41.66] [+1]

↑ 8. Fire Warriors [38.94] [+3]

9. Spartans [38.75] [+0]

♦ 10. Doritos [29.42] [+0]

11. Golden Troops [25.88] [+1]

12. Smart Penguins [25.69] [+2]

↑ 13. People’s Imperial Confederation [24.70] [+2]

14. Red Ravagers [23.72] [-1]

[NEW!] 15. Secret Service [21.00]

16. Sea Serpents [14.32] [+1]

[RETURN!] 17. Sidie’s Rangers [9.50]

♦ 18. Crimson Guardians [6.00] [+0]

Click here for the calculations.

  • The highest event maximum for the week was achieved by the Rebel Penguin Federation in their battle against the Templars, where they achieved a size of 67.
  • The Ice Warriors held the most events this week – a total of 10.
  • The Fire Warriors made the biggest rise this week, moving up three positions from last week.
  • The Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Templars, and Red Ravagers all dropped one position.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a grand total of 8 events this week. They began with an AUSIA Operation: Wiped The Floor, maxing 33. Later that day saw their US division log on for Operation: Templars Takedown, with 67 troops logging on to win. Following that, they held an EU Operation: Spectrum Splash with 50 people in attendance. On Thursday, the Federation logged on for their first invasion of the week, with an AUSIA invasion of Below Zero, seeing sizes of 50. A few hours later saw 50 penguins log on for EU Operation: Aloha – Invasion of Abominable. Their next event saw the Rebels log on for US Operation: Lost and Found, maxing 46. Saturday saw another busy day, with 45 penguins logging on AUSIA Invasion of Crystal. This was shortly followed by the second invasion of the day, an EU/US Invasion of Chinook which achieved a size of 46 troops.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors had a very strong week where they ended up hosting 10 events in total. Starting off with an AUSIA battle training on Sunday, that saw 34 troops log on ready to train. Sunday also saw 42 Ice Warriors log on for their EU/US game night with PIC. The week continued on Tuesday with another EU/US event that saw 54 penguins log on for their prehistoric party. Next saw 36 members of their AUSIA division log on for a lifeguard themed training, followed by a max of 38 for their part two of their rainbow party later that day. On Thursday, they took over the island with a server invasion, with 35 troops in attendance. The next day, they again invaded the island’s servers with their AUSIA division which also saw a size of 39. The icy clan didn’t stop there as they still had three more invasions prepped: EU/US where they maxed 44; AUSIA where the attendance reached 38; and finally another EU/US that saw a peak of 37 recorded.

3. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin held a grand total of 7 events. They started with an invasion against the Silver Empire as part of Project Conquest with a max of 48 troops. Next, they defended their land against the Red Ravagers with 34 clovers in attendance. Then they held a one room battle turned dance battle against the Crimson Guardians peaking at 46 online. The final battle of Project Conquest for the Clover Defenders was once more against the Silver Empire, this time with 57 soldiers prepared for victory. Throwing it back to before the asteroids hit, the clovers turned dinosaurs explored the new prehistoric map with a total of 43 dinosaurs roaming around. Buying new sneakers, the troops showed of their fashion sense and then ran around in their new sneakers, in a fun hide and seek event with 39 troops having some fun. The last event of the week was a celebration event to celebrate their victory in Project Conquest with 31 troops showing up to celebrate.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force held eight events this week. Beginning the week with an AUSIA event where 40 troops showed up to sip on piña colada’s. The next day a U-Lead took place, with 37 Helpers ready to lead the force to victory. Next, the Helpers had a Baywatch themed training where 25 showed up. Following that, they logged on during European hours with 38 Helpers showing up for Operation: Blue Thunder. Another EU event was held the next day, a branch battle between their two divisions – peaking at 41 troops online. Helpers brought back some army nostalgia by reviving Nachos for a day in an event where 32 showed up to help their efforts. Finally, the blue army hosted two events on Saturday with an AUSIA battle against Smart Penguins, where they maxed 41, and a US event where 40 troops respectfully showed up for.

5. Silver EmpireThe silver empire had a grand total of 6 events this week. Beginning with a defence of one of their servers against the Army of Club Penguin, they maxed 30 at the battle. A prehistoric scavenger hunt saw 21 Silvers searching for Beep’s missing items. Another defence against the Army of Club Penguin saw 20 troops logged on fighting to defend their server. This time, they went on the offensive and decided to invade the Silver Empire’s land, however due to a no show they won by default with 18 troops online. The last event of the week was an invasion on CPAN’s server map, after successfully invading the land they held a find four tournament peaking at 18 online.

6. Templars: The Templars had a total of 6 events this week, with their first event being an AUSIA Training Event, that saw a max of 8 recorded. Next their US division logged on for their training event, with 32 in attendance. Their US division returned on Thursday with a battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, with 42 penguins logging on. Next saw 40 troops online for an US Invasion of Ice Box, followed by an AUSIA Invasion of Elevation where 13 Templars logged on. They concluded their week another invasion, this time an US Invasion of Fjord with a max of 27.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: The week for SWAT began on Monday as they logged on with a size of 20 for an AUSIA training. Then they held an event where they say a max of 30 of their troops on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the army went back to pre-historic times where they ended up maxing 21. Friday saw SWAT’s next event as 20 of their AUSIA troops logged on. SWAT’s week concluded on Saturday with a fiesta takeover – during this event, a max of 20 was recorded.

8. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held 6 events this week. They began their week with EU Operation Boombox where they maxed 15. The next day, their EU division once again logged on, this time for Operation: Fiesta Maracas where they achieved a size of 14. They then hosted a EU Pride Celebration Event with 18 penguins logging on to help celebrate. The only AUSIA of the week saw 16 log on for the Invasion of Hockey, with 17 warriors logging on for EU Invasion of Rainbow. They concluded the week with an EU Invasion of Snowy River with a max of 16.

9. SpartansThe Spartans held a grand total of 4 events. Kicking it off with a training event, with 30 troops sharpening their skills and tactics. Then, an invasion of Breeze saw 30 troops to take control of the field. Next, another invasion, this time of Summit saw 20 Spartans in attendance. The final event of the week was yet another invasion, this time of Snow Globe peaking at 20 online.

10. DoritosThe Doritos held a total of 3 events this week, all part of Project Conquest. They started off with their AUSIA division, logging on for The Defense of Shira’s Shbeep Shack where they saw 12 Doritos in attendance. Next they logged on for revenge in their UK/US Invasion of Golden Hell, peaking at 13 online. They finished the week with another US Invasion of Sled, with a max of 14.

Where did YOUR army place in this week’s Top Ten Armies? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

Top Ten Calculations Team

Sophie, Caramel, Daniel20448, LuciferStar, Frog

Top Ten Writing Committee

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