CPRewritten: Prehistoric Party – Full Guide

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The newest party, the Prehistoric Party, has just hit the island on Club Penguin Rewritten. Join us to find out about the free items, mascot visits and decorated rooms.


Club Penguin Rewritten has just seen the arrival of its newest party: the Prehistoric Party. The party, which is expected to last until July 5th, will also see the option for players to transform into dinosaurs!

To access the exclusive party rooms, make your way into the Time Trekker at the Snow Forts and walk over to the exit on the right side of the room.

Once you’ve time travelled back to Prehistoric Club Penguin, you will arrive in a new world with a new map, new user interface and new music!

Scavenger Hunt

There is also a scavenger hunt of dinosaur eggs to have a go at. Of course, this is funner to do on your own but if you want some hints, take a look below!

Click on any of the images to enlarge them

Once you have found all 12 eggs, click the egg icon in the top right to open the interface and click “Get Reward”. You will be rewarded with the “T Rex Hoodie”.


Each of the 12 eggs in the scavenger hunt also give you the option to transform into their corresponding dinosaur. You can transform into 4 colour options of the Pteranodon, T-Rex and Triceratops. Simply click the egg in the egg interface and click “Transform”.

To transform back into a penguin, open your playercard and click the button under the image of your penguin!


The party also brings with it the Prehistoric Catalog. The catalog is accessible in the first room you load into: the Tree Palace.

Free Furniture Items

There is also the option to obtain a set of 5 different furniture items. To unlock them, you simply need to transform into a dinosaur and then click the “D” key to roar in 5 different prehistoric locations. Those locations (also marked on the map with tickboxes) are:

  • Big Water Place
  • Tree Palace
  • Tyranno Town
  • Hunting Spot
  • Scary Ice

Each time you roar in these five locations, you will be given the option to obtain a new item, leaving you with up to 5 new items!

Mascot Visits

Gary is expected to visit for this party and as always, those mascot visits will be tracked in the #mascot-tracker channel in our server.

Make sure to log on and experience this event for yourself before the party concludes!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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