[US] Army of Club Penguin Ravages the Red Ravagers at Battle for Eren’s Basement

Hola, ACP!
Today, the Red Ravagers decided to invade Eren’s Basement at a time we’re not used to having events on, 9pm EST, as part of the Project: Conquest tournament. Even despite all this, the ACP still managed to ravage the Red Ravagers and win the battle 3-0! Thank you to everyone who came, and to Daniel and Kailey for leading!

Max: 30

Battle Results



Thank you once again to everyone who attended! Remember to check out the #★★clover-conquest★★ and the #★events★ over at our Discord so you can be kept with updates regarding our daily events!


ACP General

5 Responses

  1. first….

  2. I came btw

  3. I was there! Nice job, everyone! Let’s keep this going!

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