[UK] ‘Delta Operation: Tribus’ Marks First Event Under New Triumvirate Leadership

ASCENT, ‘Operation Delta: Tribus’ – Today ACP logged onto Ascent for our Delta event, where we learnt new formations and movements which we will use in future battles. This event was extremely special as it was our first with with our new Triumvirate Leadership, consisting of CSY, Max and Cubster! Make sure to congratulate them when you see them!

Max: 40

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The End of a Chapter is the Beginning of a New One

February 3rd 2020 – June 1st, 2021. 484 days (plus 7 days of events that shall-not-be-named).

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[US] Green Gang and Blue Gang Fight Over Aqua Grabber Rights


Today we had a successful practice battle against our allies the Water Vikings! We went through the rooms Stadium and Iceberg while executing different tactics and formations with our allies. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Max: 34

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