CPRewritten: PSA Missions Return and Gary Visit Times Released

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – PSA Missions have returned to the island, with Gary the Gadget Guy visits scheduled to celebrate their release! Join us to hear all about these new updates!


The newest Club Penguin Rewritten blog post has just been added to the Community Blog.

PSA Missions Return

Written by Gary himself, the post announced the re-release of the 11 PSA missions, previously playable from the PSA headquarters. The missions, which are now accessible from within the EPF headquarters, have been added after CPRewritten announced that the PSA would effectively be retired from now on, with new secret agent content only being focused on the EPF.

Mascot Visits

The post also announced a set of three scheduled visits by Gary to celebrate the release of these missions.

The ACP Mascot Bot is ready to help track these when he begins to visit!

Gary will also visit The times of the scheduled visits are listed below:

Visit 1:

Date: Sunday, May 9
Server: Crystal
Mascot: Gary
US Times: • 6pm PST • 7pm MST • 8pm CST • 9pm EST
UK/EU Times: • 1am GMT (next day) • 2am UK/BST (next day)
AUSIA Times: • 6:30am IST (next day) • 9am SGT (next day) • 10am JST (next day) • 11am AEST (next day)

Visit 2:

Date: Monday, May 10
Server: Zipline
Mascot: Gary
US Times: • 9pm PST • 10pm MST • 11pm CST • 12am EST (next day)
UK/EU Times: • 4am GMT (next day) • 5am UK/BST (next day)
AUSIA Times: • 9:30am IST (next day) • 12pm SGT (next day) • 1pm JST (next day) • 2pm AEST (next day)

Visit 3:

Date: Tuesday, May 11
Server: Ascent
Mascot: Gary
US Times: • 12pm PST • 1pm MST • 2pm CST • 3pm EST
UK/EU Times: • 7pm GMT • 8pm UK/BST
AUSIA Times: • 12:30am IST (next day) • 3am SGT (next day) • 4am JST (next day) • 5am AEST (next day)

The PSA missions are something that many in the community have been asking for since CPR moved to HTML5 so players are clearly extremely excited about their return, and the first chance to meet Gary on the game’s new client!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Moderator & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Woooooo

  2. Time to meet Gary! Also, so happy to have the psa missions back. Those are nostalgic!

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