Live Coverage From The 2021 Spring Fling

ASCENT, Reporting Live from the Spring Fling – Reporters Pungu and Frog are on scene of the Spring Fling, bringing you all the latest occurrences and updates.

Gift Shop

3:40PM EST: Before the party itself kicks off, many Army of CP soldiers were hanging out together at the Gift Shop as outfits were formed and submitted into the submissions channel.

He’s stole me outfit!

3:45PM EST: Not only was Tasty stealing Pungu’s look, but it seems as though Daniel has changed his alignment…!

Do you hear the people.. Daniel

The Ice Berg

4:00PM EST: Things are off to a fabulous start here on Ascent, as the festivities have begun. Many spring related tactics are happening left, right and centre to usher in the new month.

A flower to the greatest videographer

In Crust We Trust

Spring Garden

4:10PM EST: Reporting live from Max’s very own Igloo, the Spring Garden, and we’re seeing great scenes of tactics yet again.

News Anchor, get it

Max’s Igloo in it’s full glory

4:15PM EST: This room should go on for about another five or so minutes. Stay tuned for further updates and developments.

Night Club

4:20PM EST: Live from the Ascent Night Club! Here we see scenes of shocking Dad Dance Moves and other such horrendous and heinous acts!

Classic Tina

4:25PM EST: This just in – the winners of the Spring Fling Awards!

The first awards announced are Scariest and Most Creative. These have gone to… Cubster and Candy Cane!


The next awards have just been announced: the Best Dressed Male and Female. These prestigious awards have gone to ZoomXT and Quinn!

Congrats to all those who won awards!

Well, that’s a wrap! Frog and myself are packing up and heading home to the Blizzard newsroom. Until the next time!

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. All uniforms are great!

  2. let’s gooo im featured

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