CPRewritten Cheats: March 2021 Clothing Catalog Cheats

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Club Penguin Rewritten have released the latest Penguin Style. Join us to discover all of the clothing catalog’s hidden secrets.


In the most recent update to Club Penguin Rewritten, we witnessed the March 2021 Penguin Style be revealed to players.

(NEW) March 2021 Pages

March 2021 Page #2

March 2021 Page #3

March 2021 Page #4

(Carried Over) February 2021 Pages

February 2021 Page #1

Snowman’s Carrot Nose – MP3000 (0 coins)
This item was incorrectly named as MP3K – this has now been fixed by the CPR team soon

Green Bobble Hat of Middle Penguin – Kitty Cat Eyes (150 coins)

Patterned Hat of Right Penguin – Kite (75 coins)

Pocket of Right Penguin – Ice Skates (200 coins)

February 2021 Page #2

Zip of Left Penguin – White Diva Sunglasses (225 coins)

Left Glove of Middle Penguin – Wool Socks (100 coins)

Right Pocket of Middle Penguin – Green Grid Hoodie (450 coins)

Tip of Tree – Blue Sneakers (250 coins)

February 2021 Page #3

Flipper of Top Left Penguin – Blue Letterman Jacket (350 coins)

Flipper of Bottom Left Penguin – Black Hoodie (300 coins)

Bubble in Top Right – Cozy Winter Coat (600 coins)

(Carried Over) December 2020 Pages

December 2020 Page #1

Bottom Button of Left Penguin’s Coat – Festive Hat (150 coins)

Underside of Middle Penguin’s Left Foot – Mask (100 coins)

Buckle of Right Penguin – Snowy Night Boots (200 coins)

December 2020 Page #2

End of Left Penguin’s Santa Hat – Hot Cocoa (100 coins)

Herbert’s Nose – Classy Holiday Outfit (350 coins)

End of Right Penguin’s Santa Hat – Book of Carols (50 coins)
This item has changed location since its release

December 2020 Page #3

Yellow Bulb – Snowy Night Parka (300 coins)

Right Pocket of Left Penguin – Green Plaid Scarf (100 coins)

Tip of Tree – Viking Helmet (750 coins)
Close and reopen the option to buy the Viking Helmet three times for the option to buy the Blue Viking Helmet

Tip of Tree – Pink MP3000 (400 coins)

White Bauble – The Holiday Topper (250 coins)

(Carried Over) November 2020 Pages

November 2020 Page #1

Left Lens of Left Penguin’s Glasses – G-Tech Glasses (250 coins)

Mouth of Middle Penguin – Elite Tactical Armor (300 coins)

Rugged Radio in hand of Right Penguin – The Tough Enough (300 coins)

November 2020 Page #2

Bowtie of Left Penguin – The Gretel (250 coins)

Left End of Middle Laser – Arctic Camouflage Suit (350 coins)

Underside of Foot of Hidden Penguin – The Dude (250 coins)

November 2020 Page #3

Crater of Moon – The Esquire (250 coins)

Underside of Right Shoe of Left Penguin – Leather Outdoors Jacket (350 coins)

Peak of Mountain Blue Dragon Feet (250 coins)

Bottom Button of Right Penguin’s Jacket – The Curly Pie (250 coins)

So, there you have it. The secrets for the latest issue of the Penguin Style. Continue to join us for more CPR updates throughout the month!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Thanks for this amazing guide frog! Literally just bought every item xD

  2. Thanks Frog!!

  3. Amazing guide Frog! Thanks 😀

  4. Nice work! Time to go on a shopping spree ;D

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