Learning From Legends: 6th Leader Shaboomboom

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this weekly column, we visit various legends from the community and pay them a penny for their thoughts. As we set out on our quest to uncover the wisdom of legends, what will we discover in this latest edition?


Shaboomboom joined the army community at the start of 2008, with his career seeing him experience a wide variety of armies and rankings. He is most renowned, of course, for his Army of Club Penguin leadership, and continues to serve the ACP to this day as one of the four ACP Panel of Guardians.

In this edition, we ask Shaboomboom a range of questions regarding his time in the army, as well as one of the most frequently asked questions about the Panel of Guardians.

When did you achieve the leadership position in ACP, and how did you get there?

Late 2008 I think? I got myself involved talking to the various armies to make friends and connections and became 2nd under Kg. Just kinda worked real hard and used those connections to help smooth conflicts and showed that I was dedicated & energetic about ACP. I became leader after Kg retired.

During your time in the army, what would you say your favorite moment was?

SSACP (secret spy agency of club penguin) which was basically ACP’s spying organization. It was a blast, especially as a noob. Sneaking into other armies, getting data. It was such a great feeling becoming a Top Spy & getting added onto the secret site. Otherwise it’s hard to say. Meeting & working with a bunch of people was a blast. Especially the ones I still stay in touch with today!

What was the most difficult moment you faced?

When Sheila got mod. (I’m not gonna give context, that’s a joke for those that know it.)

But a better answer: When Kg decided to hold a poll to find out who became leader after him, it was a real close race between myself & Ankita. And then having Oagal show up to get involved. A mess!

As more than just a legend, but as a member of the PoG, what does the title of guardian mean to you?

Each member of the pog is different, and interacts with the army differently

These days I see myself there to give general advice, and be available to help when asked. I feel like the title of guardian also means that I should try to make ACP a safe place for people. Discouraging sharing of too much personal information, giving advice about how to stay safe from being doxed, etc…

What is a lesson you’ve learnt through your experience that you would share to the readers?

Be humble. Some people might be jerks now but they’ll get better with time. Have fun!

With another legend, comes another valuable lesson. Shaboomboom tells us that humility is the best choice, and giving people the chance to change is a path we should always take.

What do YOU think? Who should we interview next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


ACP General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. What an amazing interview!!! ❤

  2. Big thanks to Chicken for putting this together and to Dan for taking time out of his day to share some history with us! Amazing words and wisdom from the one and only Shaboomboom ;D

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