A New Beginning – Clover SMP Season 2

clover smp szn 2

Good day Clover Crafters – Who would’ve thought this side project would succeed the way it did? I certainly did not. It all started 8 months ago when some of the ACP Staff were bored and decided to try out athernos servers, a platform where you can create a world with friends. It turned out pretty cool, but it couldn’t be up and running 24/7, so it wasn’t as effective. We saw an opportunity, a plan to expand our community beyond just penguins. From then on we started planning and kickstarted the project right away, launching the big campaign on 7/9/2020.

It’s been a great run, but the server is due a FULL RESET. Yes, you heard that correctly. You have until Sunday, the 21st of March to enjoy the world’s last moments. Reset will happen on Monday, 22nd. Everything will be completely wiped, however you will still be able to play on it as we will have a download file ready for you.

Many might ask, what stuff is coming in season 2? Well, we’re gonna stick to the roots and keep it simple like the previous season by keeping the server mostly vanilla. Though we might add some simple new features here and there. However, we plan to revamp the hub completely and provide a newer and hopefully better hub for this next season. Though these changes might take time to implement which sadly means that the server will undergo approximately a 2 WEEK DOWNTIME as we get everything ready. An exact date will be announced later.

Many great and fun memories were made during season 1, with lots of fun events and competitions taking place on the server. We’ve had many regulars logging on daily to play in their free time, and we’ve seen fantastic creations spark up all over the world. We don’t want all those memories to go to waste, so we will compile them to a one huge recap post on the website sometime next week. So please, answer these questions to help with this compilation:

  • What is your favourite memory on the ACP Server?
  • Out of all events we’ve done on the server (Bingo, PVP Tournaments, Alpha vs Echo War) which one was your favourite? 
  • Show us your best creation that you’ve built on the server! (Please send a screenshot of it)

> DM @nochill#1111 on discord to submit your answers <

Note from Cubster: I’d like to thank everyone who made this project possible. Shoutout to Yetico for helping with the server’s early days, Zelly for paying the host ❤ , FatChicken for handling all the technical stuff for months now, Robot for being a cutie, Daniel-Cubeoid-Nightfury for helping out with builds and events, and to everyone who played on this server and made it great! Here’s to an awesome season 2.

~ ACP Minecraft Team ~

Cubster (Admin)

Daniel20488 (Admin)

FatChicken88 (Admin)

Robot (Admin)

Zelly (Admin)

Cubeoid (Moderator)

Nightfury (Moderator)

4 Responses

  1. Glad to be a part of this amazing project! ❤

  2. Lets get it!!

  3. Had a amazing time in season one.. time to Make Season two fantastic!!

  4. Season 2 is gonna be awesome!

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