A History of St. Patrick’s Day On Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Despite the fact that it isn’t playing a massive role on Club Penguin Rewritten this year, we thought it would be interesting to take a trip down memory lane to see how the original Club Penguin handled St. Patrick’s Day!

From special clothing items to the multiple parties and events, St. Patrick’s Day cropped up a lot during original Club Penguin. Its history begins in March of 2006, just a few short months after the launch of CP.


2006 saw the first opportunity in Club Penguin’s history for a St. Patrick’s day celebration. The day was celebrated with a 3-4 day party with limited game content. The only noticeable changes were the addition of the “Shamrock Hat”, this item’s first appearance, in the Ski Village and a pin at the Coffee Shop.

The Ski Village during the 2006 St. Patrick’s Day Party

The “Shamrock” pin was the first ever pin to be added to Club Penguin but set a precedent for the 398 that would follow it!

This party also saw the introduction of a cheerful yet hectic tune! Take a listen!

March 2006 could potentially have also seen the addition of some St. Patrick’s Day items in the Penguin Style Catalog but due to limited records of that catalog, it is hard to know whether it did or not!


The next year saw the return of the St. Patrick’s Day Party with the “Shamrock Hat”. Unlike 2006, this year saw the addition of decorated rooms – the Dock, Town, Coffee Shop, Night Club and Plaza all had green room designs.

2007 is also the first year that we can take a look inside the March Penguin Style. It featured an assortment of green items that are now St. Patrick’s Day staple clothing!


With similar room designs, music and clothing catalog items, 2008 only saw a change in one free item it gave out: the “Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat”! This was available to penguins in the Ski Village.


2009 saw a revamped design for the St. Patrick’s Day Party: the Forest, Lodge Attic, Ski Hill and Snow Forts were added to list of decorated rooms. Plus, a new room – the Leprechaun House –  was temporarily added to the island.

Interestingly, the 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Party was the last event for this special occasion. The Penguin Styles continued to have the same few items each year to celebrate. A few years in, however, Club Penguin added in two new items!

Emerald Kilt

Shamrock Skirt

And that is where St. Patrick’s Day on Club Penguin ends! Rather abruptly, I know! For more on St. Patrick’s Day, take a read of our Shamrock Shake Review or our post about the St. Patrick’s Day unlock code!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Amazing post, Frog!!

  2. What a cool post! I’d love to see more like this about Club Penguin party history, to be honest. Great job Frog!

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