[Spec Ops/ AUSIA] Late Night Pizza Party- Results!

Heya ACP! Today we organized a SPEC-OPS / AUSIA event which was a amazing event where we wore our Pizza outfits and started making pineapple pizza for CSY . It started at Town where we gathered all the Pizza Makers and went from Plaza to the Pizza Parlor and distributed Pineapple Pizza! This is also Kailey’s Birthday Event!! Make sure to greet her a Happy Birthday!

Max: 31

Thank you for coming!

ACP Supervisor

5 Responses


  2. I came and happy bday kailey!!

  3. I didn’t make it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAiLEY

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAIELYLYILYRTEKKLDKJFKGL!!!!!! Also, as you may have noticed, I trimmed my beard (just for today) ;D

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