The Battle of No Return: Army of Club Penguin vs. Recon Federation

ASCENT, Battle Ground – The Army of CP and the Recon Federation recently went head to head in a fierce battle. Which army came out victorious?

On March 6th, the Army of CP battled the Recon Federation on the CP Rewritten server Ascent. Throughout the battle, 48 soldiers of the Army of CP attended while the Recon Federation brought along a total of 13 troops. Although the Recon Federation was put at a slight disadvantage because of the size difference, other factors such as speed played an important role in deciding the victor of this battle. Which army won?


As both armies headed into the Docks first, the Army of CP made a grand entrance as they held both a size and speed advantage. While the Clover Defenders made an underlined V shape, the Recon Federation stepped into a formation that seemed like a plus before quickly bombing into a diagonal line. Although both armies put up a strong fight, room one was deemed a Clover victory due to the neatness, speed, and size difference between the opponents.


With the Army of CP still holding a big size advantage, both armies headed to the Lighthouse next to continue their battle. The Clovers started with an “ACPVALOR” bomb before quickly proceeding to circle the room. Meanwhile, the Recon Federation charged into the room bombing sun emotes. Due to the vast size difference between the armies, the Clover Defenders were able to successfully cover their opponent and claim another victory.


To conclude the fight, the Army of CP and the Recon Federation charged into the Iceberg next for the third and final room of the battle. While the Clovers quickly formed a circle around the berg, the Recon Federation continued their bomb of mad faces before finally settling into an X. The Army of CP were able to quickly dominate the room yet again with both size and speed, thus winning the final room.

Although both armies gave the battle their all, today’s battle ended with a 3-0 score in favor of the Clovers. Great job to both armies, and thank you to everyone who attended the battle today!

The battle today between the Army of CP and the Recon Federation was certainly a fun and interesting one. Having completed yet another battle, when will our next one commence? Who will be our opponent next time, and will we come out victorious yet again?

What do YOU think about today’s battle? Let us know in the comment section below!


ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Corps General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  2. What a fantastic battle!!! ACP ACP ACP!

  3. An amazing performance. Amazing job ACP!

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