Road From Recruit: Cubster

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of Road From Recruit, this time featuring Field Marshal Cubster! Why did he decide to join the Army of CP?

Cubster first joined the army community back in late 2013 as an Army of CP troop. But what led to his activity within the army?

To find out more, I reached out to Cubster for a quick interview regarding his army journey.

How did you find the Army of CP?

I don’t specifically remember how I stumbled upon this great army, it was either from an AUSIA event ACP hosted or it was through YouTube. But I’m leaning towards the event because Flipmoo led at the time and the army was known for its frequent events in said division! ^-^

When and why did you first start becoming active within the army?

I joined in late 2013 but started being active the following year around February and March. I decided to attend more events and got hooked on to it and the community. :grin:

I was pretty bored with playing Club Penguin in a normal way at the time too.

What made you decide to stay in ACP instead of another army?

ACP has always been the heart of our community no matter the era. Something just sticks out and is completely different from other armies which made me really love this place.

Do you have anything else to add?

Kailey is a clown!

It seems that Cubby has been in the army community for quite some time, joining the Army of CP as early as 2013. Thank you for all your hard work! Moving forward, whose army journey will we explore next week? By the way, don’t forget that Kailey is a clown!

What do YOU think? How did you first join the Army of CP? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Corps General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

7 Responses

  1. Great story Cub!

  2. stan og acp

  3. Epick post!

  4. 27 DISTRICT!!

  5. Kailey is a clown!

  6. kailey is a clown yes

  7. Love to hear a bit about how others have gained experience over the years. It’s always refreshing to gain that insight and have a little blast to the past.

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