A Day in the Life of an ACP Recruitment Supervisor

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Today, the Shamrock Bulletin gets an insight on what happens behind the scenes of ACP’s staff recruiting with Recruitment Supervisor ShadowSaint in another “A Day in the Life of…” article.

We all know the roles that the Army of Club Penguin’s staff members play in growing our community; Moderators and Higher Command alike work hard alongside higher-ranking troops to bring in new recruits each week and show them how we do things around here. It’s astonishing how many new members we get every week; we get so many that the staff needs someone to keep track of the numbers. That’s what ShadowSaint does.

What is a Recruitment Supervisor, exactly?

A Recruitment Supervisor is any staff member who is heavily involved with the army’s recruiting efforts. Although this role is most commonly associated with staff members who work closely with the Recruiting Force, I myself am not involved with RF; my specialty is overseeing recruitment done by the other staff members.

What does your job consist of, and when do you do it?

The ACP staff utilizes a Google spreadsheet to log their recruiting activity. My job is to add each moderator’s individual log entries to their weekly total number of recruits and time spent recruiting. Whenever I have a question on how to add a specific log entry to a Moderator’s weekly total, or, more often, when I finish updating logs, I DM my bosses, Commander-in-Chief CSY, General Kailey, and Advisor Zelly, in our special group chat on Discord.

I am also in charge of DMing new Moderators and talking them through how staff recruiting works, what is expected of them, and how to use the log sheet. Unlike the other Recruitment Supervisors, I do not recruit myself; I just make sure everyone is staying on top of their efforts.

I update the log totals at least once a day after I finish my college work for the day (real life comes first), and I DM new Moderators about the basics of recruiting whenever CSY announces their promotion to the staff team. On Sundays, I’ll update the logs like I normally do, and then I’ll do it one more time just before the deadline for recruiting is (11:59 PM EST) to finalize everything for the week.

Below are screenshots of the staff recruiting spreadsheet and the group chat I have with Kailey, CSY, and Zelly.

Screenshot (245)

Screenshot (246)

Screenshot (247)

What does your position mean to you, why do you think you’re perfect for the role, and do you enjoy your job?

To me, being a Recruitment Supervisor means helping out the Moderators and Higher Command with recruiting in a way that benefits all of us. It allows me to utilize some of my best skills (basic addition, communication, and organization), which I will definitely need in my career as a veterinary technician, which I will embark on after I graduate college and achieve accreditation through passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). I am the perfect choice for the role of Recruitment Supervisor because I always put my best foot forward when working with the other staff and interacting with the troops, thanks to my “all or nothing” philosophy. I’m always willing to help out however I can and whenever I can, so my job is an absolute blessing. I can say without a shadow of a doubt (see what I did there?) that I enjoy my job very much, since it pushes me to stay on top of things and make a great contribution to the staff team.

What do YOU think about ShadowSaint’s role as a Recruitment Supervisor? Let us know in the comments below!


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12 Responses

  1. Super interesting Shadow!!!


  3. It’s a hard work and you do it perfectly GG 😀 !

  4. Sounds like a busy day

  5. nice post! it was interesting to see how your job works 😀

  6. Awesome post! ACPRF is a very important part of ACP, and we’re so grateful that you’re here to help push all of it forward. Thank you for your efforts thus far Shadow!! ;D

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