EDITORIAL: The Army Leader’s Guide to Better Battling

Written by: Koloway

MAMMOTH, Historic Army of Club Penguin Capital – For nearly a decade and a half, armies on Club Penguin have taken to the battlefield to show that actions speak louder than words. Battling in armies is a major concept that once was the end all be all… but how can I get this spotlighted on my own home-front?

In today’s CP Army climate, more often than not do we see 23 hours and 30 minutes of trash talk followed up with 30 minutes of in-game time. I have always believed that the 30 minutes where an army has full control over the field goes far beyond their words. An army can talk their game up and parade around as the best all day long, but if that same army cannot take the battlefield without making a mockery of themselves, they are not going to be regarded as the best.

Strong armies do not necessarily have to be the sole biggest or the sole best performing, rather, the all-around versatile army is the one that can climb to the top and remain there for long periods of time. Any given army will need a combination of both mesmerizing sizes and flashy tactics to take home the gold. However, what exactly can I do to get those traits in my own army?

Make sure to never waste any time, effort, or motion. Every action that you take must have a sole benefit to your army, whether it be recruiting, training, or securing flashy deals and treaties. Noting the weaknesses and strengths of your army, make a comprehensive list of where you would like to be by the end of that particular week. Once the week is over, look back on your list. If you have achieved all that you set out to, repeat the process. Do that repeatedly and you will be in great shape.

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If you are able to watch other better or similar-performing armies events, I strongly encourage you to do that. Make note of what they can do that your army cannot. Make note of their sizes and compare them to your own. If you find something they possess but your own army is lacking, that is something that can be added to your list.

Tactics are at the forefront of the game now more than ever. With armies being able to obtain strikingly similar sizes, it can sometimes boil down to who has the most polished movements in the game. Always try and take the time to make your own tactics, whether they be witty words, clever comebacks, or masterful movements. When you can master some of the staples of the current community, as well as leave the community’s mouths agape at your own creation, you have struck the tactical jackpot.

Koloway | Club Penguin Army Wiki | Fandom

Another highlight of battling is the appearance of your size. If you have 65 people in a circle, but the opponent has 50 people in a nice X or + form, or perhaps an innovative formation of their own creation, you will be overlooked. It is important that you position your army always in ways that they can successfully pull off and maneuver themselves into in a timely manner. A great formation can be the difference between dropping in semi-finals and winning the grand championship.

When you put the time into highlighting battle performance and making things shine, you will need an entire discord server to house all of your trophies. You will be at the top of the community and will have nowhere to go but up. Don’t just talk strong, battle strong.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


Former ACP Leader & Shamrock Bulletin Guest Writer

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  1. good advice

  2. Fantastic words Koloway!!

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