[US] Operation: Cotton Candy

Hello ACP!

Today our US Division logged on to Ascent, CPRewritten for our Operation: Cotton Candy event wearing Valentine hoodies! We were able to max 41 and practiced tactics for ten minutes before switching to a Hide and Seek game. Here are our winners:

Seekers: Frog, Nacho, Caramel, Namjoon, Greenman1000

Hiders: Tanjo, Luigi

Congratulations to all Hide and Seek Champions!

Max: 41



Thank you to everyone who attended! Make sure to check #events for our next events and react in #battle-schedule for our huge battle against our allies the Help Force on Saturday 2pm EST. Lastly, don’t forget to react in #event-chat and comment below if you came!


ACP Corps General

5 Responses

  1. Nice event! I came!

  2. Should’ve had this event tomorrow so we could reference Mean Girls (on Wednesdays we wear pink).

  3. Cool event I came to

  4. Great work US div!

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