Battle Brilliance: Chicken and Nacho

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the third edition of Battle Brilliance, hosted by Colonel Myth! This week we take a look at the Army of Club Penguin’s favorite food-named staff members: Nacho and Chicken. What are each of their favorite battles?

Field General Fatchicken88 enlisted within the Army of Club Penguin’s ranks back in March 2020, immediately rising through the chain-of-command to a moderating position. While Chicken hasn’t been in the army for as long as some other members, he has seen a variety of battles, although only one takes the top spot:

I think my favorite battle ever would be the Fright or Fight semi-finals battle against the Ice Warriors. The battle itself was really fun, probably the best I’ve been to ever but what I felt made this one special was that it was the first time I’d seen that “There are 100 troops of ACP online currently”. Seeing 100+ troops after a week of myself and the whole staff team putting in peak effort was a sensational feeling. Getting more troops than IW in all 3 rooms and claiming a victory was also a cool thing that really topped off this battle for me.

Current Lieutenant General Nacho has seen his fair share of battles too. Yet he agrees with Chicken, the Fright or Fight tournament battle against the Ice Warriors was most memorable:

Mhmmm definitely FOF vs IW :poggle:. The staff team worked really hard on it. It felt good winning after working so much, plus it’s a major army with huge sizes.

Both Nacho and Chicken have the fondest of memories with this spectacular battle. The victory again the Ice Warriors in the Fright-or-Fight tournament is one of the greatest within the clover defender’s history. Who’s favorite battle will be discussed next week? What’s your favorite battle?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. yes fof!

  2. Another great column, Myth!

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