Road From Recruit: FatChicken88

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest Friday column, Road From Recruit, written by Major General Caramel. Today’s edition will be featuring none other than Field General Fatchicken88! How did Chicken originally find the Army of CP?

Fatchicken88 first joined the Army of CP in March of 2020. After being an active troop for a few months, Chicken rose through the ranks and achieved a moderator position. As of today, Chicken currently holds the rank of Field General, the highest moderator position.

To find out more about how he was recruited, I reached out to FatChicken88 for an exclusive interview regarding his beginnings with the army.

How did you originally find the Army of CP discord server?

Well I actually got recruited into ACP during the first 30 mins of me ever trying Club Penguin. I created an account CPR and while checking out the map, i misclicked onto the Ice Rink and found our 2ic Cubster there asking someone to go to his igloo. Originally I thought it was one of those igloo party people that I saw around, so I asked “Am I invited?” and he sent me to the ACP page and yea here I am 10 months later

What were your first thoughts upon joining the server?

I thought the server was pretty cool, and people helped me get ready and learn about ACP pretty fast. I actually recruited on my first day to get clovers LOL because it was an interesting system to me. And since I was new to Club Penguin, I had to ask a bunch of questions at first so I was fairly confused too.

How was your experience like as a troop in the Army of CP?

My first experiences were filled with fun as well as confusion. I wasn’t super active for my first week or two (I blame kaileys triple threat battle copypasta for me not attending my first battle) but I then picked it up and began to check out more and more events. I also joined the recruiting force on my first day so i was at least a bit active in trying that since the start. Since then i began grinding through events (attending literally every event except the ausias i slept through). The rest of my 3 months as a troop were plain sailing until I finally reached mod after a few wars and fun battles

thats all i can remember wary

Why did you first start becoming active within the army?

I began being active in ACP because i really enjoyed how the systems worked, such as the clover system and the super awesome community of course. The idea of just spamming emotes on club penguin really hit home with me and i suddenly began racking up lots of activity, rising up the mee6 leaderboard as well as now being at over 300 events in total (the highest in the army im p sure :wary:). Just honestly everything fit in perfect with me and I was bored so i started checking it out more :wiggle:

FatChicken88 first joining the Army of CP, click to enlarge

FatChicken88 attending a Pirate themed event as the “orange penguin”

It seems that Chicken was first recruited by Cubster on CPRewritten. Much like many of our current newer recruits today, Chicken was at first confused, but he learned the ropes and is now a part of our moderator team. We are all very grateful to have such a hard worker, and don’t forget to thank Cubster as well for originally recruiting Chicken to the Army of CP!

What do YOU think? How did you first join the Army of CP discord server? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Major General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

4 Responses

  1. Wow! I didn’t know your origin story Chicken so this was super interesting to read! ❤

  2. Good post Caramel!

  3. orange pengy from the ice rink 😉

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