Army of CP Staff As Animals

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Throughout the animal kingdom, every species possesses their own unique character traits, including us humans. But which of these animals can we link to our very own Army of CP staff members?

Kailey: The Meerkat

Meerkats are very social and talkative animals, tending to stay in small groups called gangs. These furry little creatures usually are very friendly and likable, yet at times can be aggressive. Our very own General, Kailey, best represents this little companion. Upon entering main chat with Kailey present, she’s normally very friendly and social, holding a discussion with others around her. At times, however, she becomes very aggressive, normally when another member of her gang has done something wrong.

Max: The Capybara

Often regarded as the kindest animal on Earth, the capybara is a member of the rodent species, being related to guinea pigs. Capybaras are social and talkative creatures, loving to whistle, purr, click, and other noises. They love to be in large groups called meditations, normally made up of hundreds of members. The Army of CP’s gay icon, Max, best portrays this furry friend. Max is a very social and outgoing person, who loves to chatter with others in his meditations. Not only that but is extremely kind to people around him, new and old. While this animal isn’t rainbow, it sure does represent Max the best.

ShadowSaint: The African Elephant

The best mother of the animal kingdom; the elephant takes care of her young. They scare away predators and do whatever it takes to keep their elephant calf safe and healthy. Elephants are somewhat social as well, staying in smaller herds. These luscious beasts are caring and kind, very confident, and show friendliness towards other animals. Our very own ShadowSaint best represents the kind behemoth. ShadowSaint is always lurking within the ACP server, watching channels to make sure everyone is being safe and acting in an appropriate matter, much like the elephant cares for her young against predators. ShadowSaint is very kind, caring, and confident in what she has to say as well, speaking up when she defends or speaks for someone.

King Mondo: The Polar Bear

One of the most loyal and royal animals within the animal kingdom; the polar bear holds the crown for the largest land predator. While they may be aggressive towards other animals, polar bears are loyal and determined. They perfect their skills at a young age, skills that are used throughout their entire lifetime for hunting and mating. As the “boss” of the food chain, they’re often regarded as having character traits of actual bosses, being able to gather resources and meet deadlines, especially in families. Former leader and current Advisor, King Mondo, best represents the polar bear, being determined to work hard and perfecting his skills.

FatChicken: The Chicken

Social and outgoing creatures, the chicken stays in flocks, normally in sizes that range from 20-50. While chickens are in these flocks, they’re able to memorize faces of every chicken in the flock. Chickens show a vast array of emotions, being able to express anger, fear, and friendship. Among the emotions chickens can express, self-awareness is among the unusual, being one of few birds who can do so.  Our own Field General, Fatchicken88, represents the chicken perfectly. Fatchicken expresses many, many emotions throughout the day, including his own self-awareness. He’s also very social, normally seeing him holds discussions with other members of the community.

All of these animals listed are wonderful companions within the animal kingdom, each holding their own values and personalities. What do you think? Were these comparisons accurate?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

4 Responses

  1. A Capybara HAHA, thanks for those kind words Myth! ❤

  2. An African Elephant! Didn’t see that one coming, but the elaboration sells it! Thanks for the feature, Myth!

  3. Love it HAHA

  4. Ooooo do me!!!

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