Latest CPRewritten Updates: Layered “Body Items”

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this week’s roundup of Club Penguin Rewritten updates and announcements, we bring you the latest on the potential for a CPR iPhone app, layered “body items” and a potential release date for the Submarine Party.


The past seven days have been the busiest week of 2021 for Club Penguin Rewritten yet. From the first HTML party, to the first community meetup of 2021, the community was very this week! In addition to these, the week also brought with it a host of announcements about future plans for CPR.

Layered “Body Items”

This week also saw the preview of “cardigan items”. The items, which will function as neck items, will be able to be placed over body items. This will mean that you will be able to layer a jacket over a shirt, effectively allowing you to layer body items.

A CPRewritten tweet demonstrated two cardigan items layered over a cactus t-shirt

Plans for iOS CPR App

This week also saw a slight hint from CPR Developer Gravix about an iOS app for Club Penguin Rewritten. Gravix was involved with a discussion with some mobile players on the functionality of mobile browsers. The issue is that mobile browsers only allow a certain amount of memory to be used up – once this memory is used up, the page automatically refreshes to clear the memory. He stated that one way to alleviate this issue is releasing a mobile app for the game. He did also acknowledge that there was a possibility that Apple would not allow the app to be released, assumedly due to concerns with copyright/trademarks.

Click to enlarge

Submarine Party Update

Following confirmation of the Submarine Party as a definite party for CPR, the team have continued to state that the party is being worked on. Administrator Stu has now confirmed that the party will be released the week. He did, however, remind players that trying to predict the exact day of release is difficult to do as they are still working on implementing the party.

Click to enlarge

Queue Implementation for Improvement of Mascot Visits

Following Aunt Arctic’s visits in the week, many players were left frustrated over the fact that when severs were full, they had to continually click to try and join the server. The CPR Team previously implemented a queue system to the flash version of Club Penguin Rewritten. It aided those who wanted to meet mascots as they could simply join the queue and wait to join the server.

Click to enlarge

February 2021 Igloo Catalogs

The first HTML igloo catalogs were expected to be added on Thursday but did not arrive. The CPR Team has said that these are being worked on and we will have a post covering the Better Igloos secrets when the catalog is released!

As always, we will have continuous coverage of these updates as they are implemented into the game. We clearly have a lot to expect from the coming months!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. The notion of layered body items sounds awesome. Thanks for the info & awesome post! ;D

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