Coffee Shop Chatter: “What has your lowest point in the ACP been?”

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Field Marshal Max spills the tea when answering your burning questions.

What is your favourite Shamrock Bulletin column?

Dear Reader,

A very difficult question! I obviously enjoy reading every Shamrock Bulletin column, but I do particularly love Caramel’sRoad From Recruit‘ article each Thursday. Despite working alongside them every day, I don’t actually know all of my fellow staff’s origin stories, so it has been very fascinating to find out how they all came to join this amazing family and community. I particularly enjoyed last week’s, which featured Field General Fatchicken88, and detailed how an in-game conversation with Cubster led to 10 months of service.

With love, Max

Why do you use the letter “x” so often?

Dear Reader,

Haha! Ending messages with a single “x”, or even multiple “x’s” if I really like you, is commonly used by British people to indicated a ‘kiss’. This is normal behaviour for Brits and I promise I am not being sarcastic (as CSY thought for the best part of 6 months) and am not a psychopath xxxxx.

With love, Max

Will we host more community tournaments in the future?

Dear Reader,

Yes, definitely! We were thrilled with the success of the Aces of AUSIA tournament late last year and cannot wait to host many more tournaments and events in 2021. We already have a few plans in discussion and hope to implement them when things in the private server community have settled more. 

With love, Max

What has your lowest point in the ACP been?

Dear Reader,

Great question! It’s important to remember that not every day, or week, in this community is going to be good and filled with success. In fact, some times it may feel like there are more bad days than good. However, never lose sight of the fact that those bad days make us stronger and allow the good days to be amazing.

For me, my lowest point would have to be just over a year ago, when I led the army in battle for the first time. I was a third-in-command and leader Koloway had appointed me to lead a battle against the Help Force that he could not attend. The battle went awfully (we lost) as I let my nerves get the better, and we were both slow and messy on the battlefield. Post-event, the main chat was filled with comments like “We lost because of Max“, which although was true, really knocked my confidence. However, I got through it and bounced back, learning from my mistakes and taking on the criticism I was given. Every failure is a chance to learn and improve.

With love, Max

If you would like to feature in next week’s ‘Coffee Shop Chatter’, then please contact Max on the ACP Discord.

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ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Did you really just call me out 😂 xxx

  2. omg i love these :sob:

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