Time Capsule: The Disappearance of ACP Leader Chainpro

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The very first edition of the Time Capsule column will take us back to the very beginning of the CPPS generation of the Army of CP – to Chainpro’s one month leadership and sudden disappearance.

While many around today know CSY as the current leader of the Army of Club Penguin, he was of course not the first. In fact, he is the 48th. Before him, army legend Koloway helmed the army in its private server generation for two months, leading the Army of CP to many war and tournament battle victories. Yet before even Koloway, the ACP was led by a figure known as Chainpro. Chainpro’s leadership was brief, spanning a total of just four weeks. In this time, he was able to help establish a foundation for what was to come, and provide the leaders after him a basis to build upon. But his leadership is most famous for another reason, that being his sudden and mysterious disappearance. 

After more than two and a half years in shut down, the Army of CP reopened on September 29th 2019, on their 13th anniversary. Panel of Guardian Mchappy wanted to reopen the ACP, and contacted Chainpro after hearing he had desires to revive the army. Their interaction on Discord led to the creation of the ACP Discord and a new website hosted on Blogger. 

The Army of CP’s first event back saw an impressive size of 16, with the Rebel Penguin Federation joining the occasion and welcoming the ACP back into the community. It was a huge success and everyone was very excited for the army’s future. A practice battle against the Lime Green Army was then scheduled for the following weekend, October 5th, but resulted in an unfortunate ACP loss. Redemption came seven days later, however, when a rematched practice battle with the LGA ended with an ACP victory.

The next day, October 13th, saw a defining moment for Chainpro’s leadership. He announced that the ACP would be declaring war on the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, after RFCP Commander Prior Bumble scheduled an invasion of the ACP capital server, Breeze. This war, the first war under the ACP CPPS generation, would later become known as ‘The War of No Return‘.

The war lasted seven days, ending on October 20th. Out of a total 17 battles, the ACP won 12 and tied in 3. It was an extremely successful venture, as it not only boosted the army’s event sizes, but also established the ACP as a dominant world power once again. 

The ACP continued under Chainpro to navigate the army community with a string of practice battles. Most notably, the US ‘Garrison’ Division battled the Red Miners Army and a three-way conflict with the Lime Greens and Rebel Penguins occurred. Yet in the beginning of November, as the story goes, Chainpro would quite suddenly and mysteriously disappear. He simply stopped coming on Discord, and the army was kept alive by the hard work of the Higher Command under Mchappy’s guidance.

The challenging week was filled with an array of training and fun events, with second-in-commands Koloway and Nicwin working tirelessly to keep things afloat. Still unsure of Chainpro’s whereabouts, plans were being made for a transfer in power.

On November 11th, it was officially announced that Koloway was to be promoted into the Commander-in-Chief position, and Chainpro was declared AWOL (absent-with-out-leave). Chainpro was, however, left on the ranks page for several months after by both Koloway and CSY, as a sign of respect.

He was removed upon his shocking return to the army, almost four months later, on February 16th, 2020. His reappearance on the ACP Discord after such a long time caused quite the stir, and he made the following statement in the announcements channel, finally clearing up the events surrounding his mysterious departure:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I apologize for my unexpected leave back in October. I had an unexpected family emergency to attend to, which reminded me that I should be spending more time with my family than I have been at the time. I just want to remind everyone here to please spend time with your loved ones whenever you get the chance. In Club Penguin Armies, it may be hard to balance your time—especially as a leader. You never know when they may fall ill, or even lose them forever. I will probably be mocked by others in the community, but family always comes first no matter who you are. You never truly feel how much they mean to you until it’s too late and something bad happens. For those of you who may be concerned, I am alright and will be okay. I’m still a little shaken up but right now I am able to relax a little. I have caught up as much as I could to see where ACP is, and I am both impressed and proud. You all performed well, especially Mchappy and all of the leaders who took charge while I was gone. Thank you for not letting the ACP die off without me.

– Chainpro, 46th ACP Leader

From here, he assumed an Advisor position for some time and returned to the army community for leadership stints in armies such as the Water Vikings. However, a CP Army Hub article in the summer of 2020 uncovered a huge scandal involving IP grabbing and resulted in him losing his ‘ACP Legend’ privilege. He did, however, remain on the Hall of Fame leaders list and maintained a ‘veteran’ role on the Discord. Although his leadership was short and ended in a mysterious circumstance, he is credited for his efforts early doors to help establish a foundation for the ACP in the private server army community. A foundation that, as we now know, future leaders would build upon and thrive with.

Thanks for joining us in the very first Time Capsule column, which explored the tumultuous events of Chainpro’s four-week leadership, and his rise and fall in the army community. Join us the same time next week as we look deep into another part of ACP History.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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