Robot Returns To ACP As Advisor

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Following his recent retirement, former Higher Command member Robot has returned to the Army of Club Penguin as an advisor. What does he hope to accomplish in his new role?

On January 24th, Field Marshal Robot announced his decision to depart from the Army of Club Penguin Higher Command. In a retirement post titled “Thank You”, he expressed his sincere delight at how enjoyable his nine-month career here has been. From unforgettable battles to VCs to quality friendships, Robot’s tenure has certainly been a long and memorable one.

When Robot first joined the Clovers, he brought with him plenty of experience as a former Rebel Penguin Federation leader and army veteran dating back to the original Club Penguin. However, what was truly unique about Robot was his dedication, work ethic, and all-around easy-going personality. Fellow High Command members and staff described him as “one of the most incredible people” to work with, and his department struck the entire ACP community deeply. Following his retirement, he was also inducted into the Army of Club Penguin Hall of Fame as a dedicated officer for his efforts in recruiting, growing the army, helping with the ACP Secret Intelligence Service during wars, and constantly being a pillar of strength for the community in tough times.

A week following his retirement, Commander-in-Chief CSY announced the jubilant return of Robot, this time as a member of the advisory team.

Leader CSY’s announcement of Robot’s new position

The Shamrock Bulletin has the fortune of sitting down with Robot to discuss this new progression in his career at the Army of CP.

What led to your original decision to retire?

I’ve been less and less active due to IRL and my studies. Also, multiple mods have shown the ability to be part of HCOM so I decided to step aside and give them a chance.

What made you decide to come back as an Advisor?

I still wanna help ACP even if it’s from behind the scenes now and away from the front lines.

What will your role be now?

I’ll be there to advise about everything from foreign relations to internal matters such as ways to grow and promotions.

Do you foresee a potential return to the Higher Command one day?

Maybe but I doubt it.

Any final words you want to say to the ACP community?

woo back infant

With his vast line of experience, there’s no doubt that the Clovers will thrive even better with Robot’s return as an advisor. Welcome back Robot!

What do YOU think? Are you excited about Robot’s return? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


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  1. Cool post! Welcome back, Robot!

  2. Woo Back !!! Haha nice to have u back Rob!!

  3. Welcome back Rob!! 😀

  4. Welcome back! ❤

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