[AUSIA] Delta Invasion of Bajo Cero – Results!


Hey ACP!

Today our AUSIA Delta Division logged on to invade a new server: Bajo Cero! We successfully claimed our land and also worked on innovating new tactics. Amazing job everyone! Did you attend and get your Delta role?

Max: 31

Size picture for !army ACPdelta

One troop who did !army ACP

So proud of you guys, let the High Command (any member with a red name) know what your favorite new tactic was today and we can try them in battle. Also, react in #event-chat and comment below if you attended! 

Don’t forget that this isn’t our last event of the day. Soon we’ll be logging on for our UK Clover Marching Band event. Go react in #events if you haven’t already. See you there!

Sophie, ACP Field General


4 Responses

  1. I attended! Great job ACP <33

  2. I came!!!

  3. Was there!!

  4. i came and GG

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