(A tad bit late) ACP Recap #Not100again 8-14 May

Click HERE for my 1 year old ACP Recap! LETS SEE HOW WE DID A YEAR AGO!

ʸᵃʸ ᵃᶜᵖ ʳᵉᶜᵃᵖ ᶤˢ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ ᵖᵃʳᵗʸ ᵗᶤᵐᵉ

Good day, ACP! It’s Purp here, and welcome to ACP Recap #not100again. I’m going to solely focus my traditional ACP recap introduction to the results of last week’s poll of the week. As you know, I asked you guys what you think of my ACP Recap posts! LETS SEE WHATCHA THINK!

Last week poll of the week results!

COOL! The highest number of people think my posts are awesome- huzzee huzzah thanks! Oh, but the second highest number of people think its rubbish… let me know why, will ya? Leave a lil’ comment on my post. Alright, well 3 people thought its ok and 3 think its good- that’s groovy. But… oh god… ‘Other’… this is gonna be exciting-10 people- let’s see what you guys said for ‘other’!

  • Get a life purp – one day, man, one day.
  • Show Us Porn Please, I’m Begging You, With All My Heart!!!!! – but im always naked see look at me here no clothes on >>> 
  • DAMN AWESOME – THANKS! I’ll carry on being damn awesome then.
  • as good as trump’s campaign – If you’re Noka, thanks! =D If you’re not Noka, thanks..
  • Fluffy sheep says Baa Hai, purpleslime – Hai hai sheep, from the good ol’ 2011 times!
  • l;j’j’ – and a woogabooga to you, too!
  • Nice – THANKS!
  • Great!!! – WOO THANKS!
  • -_- good – uhhhhh thanks…???
  • depressing – lovely well im gonna depress you more, get noka to buy some pills for ya! Anti-depression pills.

There you have it! Thanks for the response, guys. Here’s the new …

Poll of ze week!


Sunday, 8th of May


 AUSIA Recruiting Session


lookinnnn decent ausia

Sizes: 10-17

Tactic rating: 6.8/10


Click HERE for Lion’s post announcing that we will have a WEEKLY game night! Next one is on the 22nd of May at 7:30pm UK!

Monday, 9th of May





Tuesday, 10th of May


UK Mining Expedition 

9th may uk 7

uk’s rogue game is strrrrong

Sizes: Up to 25+

Tactic rating: 8.5/10

 USA Training Session [dunno when it actually posted was so I’m guessing it’s today]


x marks the spot for a great formation!

Sizes: 15-16

Tactic rating:8.5/10



Wednesday, 11th of May 





Thursday, 12th of May





Friday, 13th of May


AUSIA Cleansing of Breeze

ausia had an event yet? ^

Sizes: 15-20

Tactic rating: 8.1/10

USA Tactic Session 

usa force r mad at bam and trader for not having many events for the past 4 days!!!

Sizes: 15-20

Tactic rating: 8.3/10



Saturday, 14th of May


UK Recruiting Session

thank me for this pic! Aw it seems like p32696 doesn’t like pizza. YOU’RE DEAD TO ME, P32!

Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 8.4/10

USA Training Session

img (2)

ANOTHER E9! GOsh USA, u mad!!!

Sizes: 17-25+

Tactic rating: 8.5/10


Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for Bam’s weird posts that he all posted TODAY. yes, TODAY. Crazay. 

UK Force

Current average size: 20-25+⇑

Performance rating: 8.4/10

USA Force

Current average size: 17-20+⇑

Performance rating: =8.1/10


Current average size: 15+

Performance rating: 8.4/10

Overall performance: 24.9/30⇑

Last week’s performance: 12.6/30 =41%RISE

We had 7 successful events this week || 4 more compared to last week!

 We’ve had 2 AUSIA events, 2 UK events,  3 USA events || We’ve had   an increase for all division events compared to last week, GOOD JOB!

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week was up to 25+ during the UK Mining Expedition|| Last week‘s highest size was up to 15+

14 posts were posted throughout the week. || 2 more compared to last week!

The average amount of views we got on the site throughout the week: 225 views || Last month the average amount of views was 220 views. Neat!


The force with the highest average tactic rating is the UK  with an average of 8.45/ 10 for the tactic rating, LESS compared to last week’s highest average tactic rating. The USA are  DAMN CLOSE- 2nd  with 8.43/10 and AUSIA  last again with with 7.2/10! INtense.

Slime’s stuff of the week


  1. The international space station has orbited Earth 100,000 times
  2. Ancient Romans used urine to clean their togas—the ammonia helped dissolve grease.
  3. No one, including late Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, knows what the name “Nintendo” means.
  4. All of Boba Fett’s lines in the star wars trilogy can fit into a single tweet.
  5. The most expensive pizza is 9000 dollars and has 3 types of caviar on it!
  6. It would take you 10 years to view all the photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour.
  7. A man survived 13 months on an island by drinking turtle’s blood and rainwater.
  8. YouTube’s ten highest-earning channels made anywhere from $2.5 million to $12 million in 2015.
  9. Google’s first tweet ever was “I’m feeling lucky” written in binary code.
  10. If you could watch all of “The Simpsons” episodes without ads nor sleep, it’d take about 8.5 days.
  11. The Golden Gate Bridge has approximately 1,200,000 rivets.
  12. George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, claims he has not used the internet since the year 2000.

Video of the week!

There ya have it, dun dun dadummmm! Hope you enjoyed, now I shall get on with my life!


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