[USA]Training Session on Flurry [RESULTS]

[USA] Training on Flurry

Hello ACP, today we logged on the server Flurry and had a training session, First we started off at Iceberg with sizes of 15-16. Then we moved to our final destination which was Town and gained even more people. The event was really good. The chat was very active, troops were involved, great tactics. Definitely an improvement.

Clover Power

Size max: 17

Size average: 15

Tactic ranking: 9/10


[E-Z] Pizza Tactic


[E-7] Wink Tactic


[E-F] Clover Tactic


[E-P] Puffle Tactic


[J] Joke Tactic


3 Responses

  1. Hmm not bad. But do the things I told you to in PC.

  2. I attended. Rocket launches need to be more of a part in this. (TANK)

    ~Sergeant Tamiyami

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