ACP the most democratic army?

I remember that the ACP used to be the self proclaimed “Most democratic army in CP”. If so, then why isn’t our leader(s) elected? I think that Boomer should make a poll to see who the leader is, not just because it would be best for the soldiers, but also best for everyone involved in CP armies, even Boomer.

P.S – This post will probobly be deleted and I will probobly be removed from this site because of this post. I only see two options for why this would happen. A.) Boomer wouldn’t want to have a fair election and express a power hungry reaction, by saying this post is for rebellion, when it’s really just a question; or B.) Oagal will take me off, i’m not sure if he’s still an admin or not, so if he’s not an admin, he told Boomer to, by either word of mouth, or by threat.

Rapidy: Don’t throw out this crap again Kg. This is the reason I’m still not leader today. Boomer has proven himself worthy of being leader of ACP and we won’t need a poll.

Oagal: Let’s remember that democracy brought about Hitler, Stalin, Dubya, and Billy Clinton. 🙄 Anyway, people are fine with the current leaders. Live with it.

33 Responses

  1. 1rst!

  2. i agree! and u should let me run!

  3. And yea only if someone thats NOT retired can figure that out

  4. Let me run! 😀 I’m good! I guess.. 😀

  5. we should have elections! that is a good idea!

  6. ACP was never democractic…but I guess it is a good start.

    Kg 007: That’s why “self proclaimed” is there, but I was the first elected leader of ACP, which means there were acts of democracy taking place.

  7. we need to allie with the lux leprecons, the more the merrier! they need allies

  8. why did we quit elections?

  9. Come on we are the most democretic army in club penguin

  10. eh i rather be republic army

  11. I agree with elections but I dont think it will matter. Everyone can see Boomer is a naturale born leader and he is doing great. Also shab is a great militiary leader, and evreyone knows jedi is a whize with the gov’t.

  12. I agree with you kg

  13. we should do it have the polls

  14. Democratic army is great for me

  15. listen, acp is NOT as democratic as RPF, but we are pretty democratic. The only thing we don’t USUALLY vote on is leaders. ACP is supposed to have a picked leader. I think it’s because the leader is the only one that has seen what it’s like to be leader, so HE should pick someone to be the new leader because he knows who would be best at it. So I say no poll. Boomer is perfect. It’s all playing out in Operation GOD.

    Kg 007: I was elected Leader, during ACP’s worst time and I lead the ACP without Oagal. An elected leader did that, a hand picked one did not.

  16. Ah, but Kg! No offense, but you didn’t lead ACP very well… and only for a short time. The people voted, and they got someone who was nice and funny, but someone who could not lead like a hand-picked leader could.

    I didn’t lead it well? So i’m guessing if I didn’t lead it well, the RPF would have taken over Mammoth and the ACP’s servers. If I didn’t lead it well, the ACP would have had no allies, which a certain someone ruined those alliances by trying to take Mammoth back. If I didn’t lead it well, then how was I ever able to manage to be the first ACP to lead without Oagal and have it come out better than it was before? Some might say, “Kg you did nothing”. If I did nothing, then why was the ACP better before Shab became leader?

  17. When Fort quit you guys burned out.

  18. well abe, thats why im commencing operation GOD. its to restore the ACP’s good old days, and its already started…


  20. idk what to do. but just to let you know it is just a question, hes not really telling us to have election for leaders.

  21. i like the new acp. these are better than the good old days

  22. Well I think that elected leaders a great idea, but I do not think that they are what we need RIGHT NOW. Right now I think we are perfectly fine with Boomer as leader. Boomer is a great leader and if we would have an election right now he might lose his leader spot for no reason. There is nothing the matter with ACP now. It is just like the US. Everyone is getting worked up over nothing. It is our fault we are like this. If everyone would stay calm everything would be all right. If we would just go back to like we were before everything would be fine. But since we got upset and stopped buying stuff and got really tight with our money the stocks went down. If we just started buying stuff like normal again we would be all right, because all of the stocks would go up from us buying products and it would all balance itself out. If we start getting upset over things like that it will be our own fault for not just staying calm. If we leave everything just the way it is eveything will be all right. Once boomer retires we can start doing polls and elections, but for now lets leave it how it is. Plus another example connecting this to the government is that if things do start to get bad, DO NOT BLAME THE LEADER. The econamy went bad and everyone blamed bush. It is not his fault. Everything has to be pass by the congress. He cannot just decide what is right and what is not. It goes through other people too. So if things start going bad in ACP do not blame the leader. It is not only his fault. If the leader makes bad decisions the co-leaders and higher up people should stop him, and tell him to make better decisions. I think big decisions like allies and wars should have to be passed by co-leaders first. It is also democratic to do that. I think all that are at the mod line and up should have to vote.

  23. I said this when Boomer became Supreme Commander.
    No offense to Boomer, and I don’t mean it this way, but in a way he is dictating… fairly. xD I mean most of the people want him, but there hasn’t actually been an election.

    It’s like this. Let’s say that the elections for USA President are in a week. Obama is winning b 90%.
    Does that mean he has won?
    Not yet!

    We need elections!

  24. Boomer is doing a good job so far but i think we dont need a new leader WE NEED A GOOD GOVERNMENT
    armies cant fuction very well without one so i say we restore a good government


  25. No Kg. Boomer has proven himself as leader. He may have not earned ur respect yet, but he earned mine. He earned my respect when made the post about Oagal. That was a true leader then. He earned my respect as a leader. So we dont need to elect a leader every two months or so. Last time I checked ACP wasnt RPF, anyone agree wit me?

  26. i also agree with cas. that IS a good point

  27. Boomer is a good leader but we should meaby elect the next and seriusly we dont even own any servers all the ones listed on the site diferent armies disagree with them

  28. I know exactly what ACP is. It’s an Oagalthorcracy! Because Oagal has the most power in the entire army. If he can come back from the dead and fire a leader and declare himself as leader, he basically still has hte most power 😆

  29. Rapidy, how has he proven himself leader? I haven’t seen him do one thing yet since being leader. Yeah we have a tournament buts that not even his idea. I say go for the poll, and Rapidy I dont know if this is true but ever since Boomer became leader you have been a Admin on the site and the chat. So if he is gone you fear of loosing that. Just my thoughts.

  30. Self proclaimed “most democratic army” is a joke more most communst army apart from when u kg and shab was leaders as u two was elected into power unlike everyone else. So yer we should have elected leaders.

    Rapidy why are you against having elected leaders as if people scroll down or go in the November archives and if not there October archives it will show you saying that you want to have elections.

  31. You I think are 100 percent RIGHT we are a democracy and THE CITIZENS SHOULD FEEL LIKE THEY ARE IN A DEMOCRACY because I feel more like this is a totalitarian goverment

  32. guys its rpf who the most democratic army rpf is barley a army any more its more of a goverment that know how to use guns.

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