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Shab Edit 2: I found out that an army called shadow troops says they own: Parka,Tundra,Thermal,Mittens,Snow Fort,Summit.  Mittens is owned by uma and acp. Snow Fort is acp’s. Tundra is ww,rpf, and bb. Should we do something about them and make them get new servers or should we just ignore them? http://shadowtroops.wordpress.com/ 

PS: Boomer should we give or get cpaf some servers of their own??


Shab: Boomer when you come on I have to talk to you about some site updates.

Co-Leader Badge

Credit given to Rapidy for giving Shaboomboom the link to the ID Maker.

14 Responses

  1. I think they should get new servers.

  2. By the way Shaboomboom what makes you annoyed because I had a feeling I was annoying you on chat, unless that wasn’t you.

  3. ATTACK THEM. I DON”T LIKE SAHDOW TROOPS. P.S. There is a army in tundra dock attack them before they destroy tundra.

  4. SHEILA AND RAP PLZ READ THIS IM SORRY PLZ FORGIVE ME p.s. we cant let them take mammoth!!

  5. Ugh, RBAA owns Parka…. 😈

  6. kill them help our allies take them down destroy them MASSACRE THEM!!! this is our territory and we sholdnt have to share it make them find there own territory if they refuse go full out war on them they should be terminated and dead we shouldnt stand for this this is such a small army we can take them out in a flash make them say hello to my little friend

  7. ps 5th xp

  8. i think we should whoop them and give the servers back to the other armies! lol! but really! we should give cpaf some servers too.


  10. Yes I agree with you!

  11. RAP!! i started making those ID badges on Cascheats!!!!!! COPYING ME

  12. YES they need to be able to sighn a treaty for the land instead of just saying they own it THEY MUST AND I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH THEY MUST HAVE A OWNERSHIP DOCUMENT OF IT

  13. THEY DECIDE TO GET AWAY WHEN I TALK TO THEM THEY CALEED ME A JACK @$$ AND A MOTHER f***er these are huge ACP haters when i go to tell them about this they ban me so i suggest we terminate that tiny army (its really small i checked.) then we make sure they understand who territory it is

  14. Ok ACP listen.
    Im sorry for all the drama ive causes im very sorry. I was just in a little meeting well kinda with one of your troops and he asked for a truce and I said yes. Im just wondering if its ok with you. Sorry for the server issues. Well please respond I wont cause anymore drama sorry.

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