[AUSIA] Operation: Major Delta

KLONDIKE, “Operation: Major Delta”- Greetings Army of Club Penguin! Today, our AUSIA division logged onto Club Penguin Army Battleground on Klondike for an event that marked the decisive blow to get us our Major Army Status back. We started off in Town, getting into 2 more rooms, Stadium and the newly redesigned Forest. We finished with a game of hide and seek, where the Clover Defenders had to find me hiding in a random room in the game. We reached an incredible max of 31 penguins online. I am proud of you all for maxing such a big amount with our General, SIDIE9, still being on leave. I also have to thank the moderators, that helped me in organising this event, and many of our amazing Help Force allies for helping us gain this max.


Max size: 31

Thank you to everyone that attended. Keep an eye out for future events in our discord server.


ACP Brigadier General

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