Penguin Vogue with Brandon & Mariantt

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Hello and welcome to a special edition of the Penguin Vogue column, where we interview ACP soldiers on their uniforms – the meanings and stories behind each item they wear! Today, we are speaking to Sergeant Brandon and Major Mariantt.

The uniforms we wear at our events and in battles show who we are as a person and soldier. The colours and items chosen truly represent what type of ACP soldier we are and what we want to present to our opponents on the battlefield! Soldiers Brandon and Mariantt have shared their uniforms and discussed why they have selected each item. 

Hat: It looks very suitable for ACP.
Body: Classic ACP Clothes
Eyes: It feels awesome
Feet: Blends in well with the ACP default costume.
Hand: Uhh… I still have the wand from the halloween. Whoops. It just because I like holding that.
Neck: Can’t think of any yet.

The classic jacket reminds me and represents ACP in October 2020. Hair, glasses and shoes I feel that they present me, it is something my “style” in real life.

To conclude, I asked both soldiers why they believed a uniform within the Army of CP was important:

Brandon: This uniform is very good and suitable by its appearance. Most of the colours are green, because the ACP logo and colours are mostly Green related.
Mariantt: It is a distinctive about the others, and I feel that it represents a stories and many memories and by using it we try to transmit with the presence what ACP is and what it has fought to be.

Thank you for reading, and a huge thank you to Brandon and Mariantt for taking the time to answer my questions. Join us next week when we sit down with another member of the army in a revisited column!

What do YOU think? What items were your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Legend & 46th CiC

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  1. Thanks for showing us your awesome outfits, Brandon & Mariantt!

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