War of No Revenge – Another ACP Victory

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Recently, the Templars of Club Penguin released a post declaring war against the ACP, in hopes of gaining revenge for the past losses they suffered, and to “bash” us.

However, this war has come to a quick end, with Templars breaking their OWN terms.

The Army of Club Penguin, therefore, declares the ‘War of No Revenge’ a 2-0-0 victory.

To the Templars:

The Army of Club Penguin partook in this war, honoring the terms and general fairness of war. However, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war but did not think of attending either of the ACP invasions. This is a clear breach of term #12 and therefore results in an instantaneous ACP victory.

You had two chances, and you didn’t have the courage to take either one and upkeep fairness in your OWN war.

Your argument that the land we’re invading “doesn’t exist”, there is no map. There are simply not enough real servers for the number of armies, so the land doesn’t need to physically exist on CPR.  Just show up to invasions if you want an actual war.

Look at this neutral opinion on the “war” Templars declared:

DISCLAIMER: DMT’s opinion is objective and individual. CP Army HQ does NOT declare winners/losers of war.


This brings up a big point, you can’t call this a ‘fair war’. You can’t even call it a war if you only want to count your half of it.


Regarding “dual-enlist involvement”:

Before you claim that we broke your 3rd term, we didn’t.

You have claimed that we lost the war because a dual-enlist (Pandor) logged on, however, multiple images from the battle show that they only wore the ACP uniform AFTER the battle verdict was called and the battle itself ended.

If you still want to argue that a dual-enlist logging on AFTER the battle ended is a breach of terms, maybe fix your terms anyway (“dual-enlisting” is not the same “dual-enlisted involvement”).

Not exactly the green of the ACP Uniform is it…


In conclusion,

The Templars are too scared and too boring to follow even their own war terms, so there is no point in prolonging a war that we’ve won (won twice technically).

And the claims that we lost the war because a dual enlisted person attended the battle are false and not a breach of any war terms whatsoever.

Therefore, we win. GG.

The Army of Club Penguin will not be participating in future invasions, since this is the end of this “war”.



FatChicken, ACP Leader

Gugspugs, ACP 2ic

Sidie, ACP 3ic

Faith, ACP 3ic

Sanya, ACP 3ic

Zelly, ACP 3ic

Mchappy, ACP Acting PoG

2 Responses

  1. legend says that in 2 years it’ll be the 10th clover crusade with a templars no show :/

  2. Templars put me to sleep 😴

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