[AUSIA] Clovers Reign Supreme Once Again

Sleet, ”Invasion of Templars’ North Station”– Hello there ACP! Once more the Democratic Republic of the ACP sought to seize victory on the battlefield against the foolish Templars. We aimed to replicate the same success we saw in our invasion yesterday and we did not disappoint. We logged onto Sleet on CP Rewritten and proceeded to dominate the Templars for a second time, who unsurprisingly did not show up to defend their honour. Under the leadership of Sanya and myself we performed amazingly, exhibiting impressive wipes and fast tactics with a maximum size of 21. Many thanks to each and every person who attended this invasion today! The clover machine remains unopposed.


Maximum size – 21

Fantastic job to all of you who had attended our great invasion! Make sure to check our Discord for further updates on upcoming invasions and defenses, and be sure to comment below!


ACP General and 37th Commander-in-Chief

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