[UK/US] This Is Us! Celebrating Diversity With Parade Through Ascent

Hey ACP!

Today, our UK Division were joined by our US Division as they logged on to CPRewritten‘s Ascent for our Diversity Parade.

With leading including a selection of equality based tactics from Max, Tasty, Tsanami, Tia and I, the event shaped up to be an amazing demonstration of ACP’s diversity and acceptance! Added to the VC leading from Spotty and I, the event was enjoyable for all!

Max: 42

Thank you everyone who attended – it was a great event! Make sure to react if you can attend our Pride Parade event tomorrow!

ACP Brigadier General

5 Responses

  1. Was there!

  2. i was there

  3. Fun event! I enjoyed it a lot ❤

  4. came!!

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