[UK] Battle vs. Water Vikings

Hey ACP!

Today our UK DIVISION logged onto Ascent Club Penguin Rewritten, for a event with our allies, the Water Vikings. The event consisted of two halves, the first half was a fun battle vs the Water Vikings, lead by 2 of our Moderators Spotty and Wassim, and in the second half we worked with our allies making combined tactics and formations, lead by our Field Marshal Max!

Max: 52






Thanks to everyone who came and attended our UK event today! Also be sure to react in #events for our events tomorrow! Comment if you came! Well done, ACP!

ACP Master General

6 Responses

  1. Love our allies WV <33

  2. i came!

  3. Good job to both sides!

  4. Was there!

  5. was there and had a great time!! ❤

  6. I wish was there but thanks for event pics

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