[UK/US] Black Alliance vs. White Alliance – Results!

Hey, ACP!

Today, our UK/US division logged onto Ascent on CPR for our fun Branch Battle between two prominent alliances in army history, the Black Alliance and the White Alliance. The Black Alliance was formed in 2013 with the goal to destroy ACP and the White Alliance was created by ACP and its allies as they thought the Black Alliance was unjustified . We fought in the Docks and Snow Forts before finishing up with ACP tactics at the Iceberg. We were able to max 43 penguins! The White Alliance was declared the victor just like they were originally! Be sure to comment if you came!

Max: 43

Thank you everyone who attended! Remember to react in #events if you can attend as you can earn clovers by attending that you can use for the clover shop! If you attended, comment down below and make sure you have received your clovers!


ACP Field General 4ic


4 Responses

  1. I was there! GGs all around!

  2. i came!

  3. I came!!


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