ACP History: World War V and the Battle of Fog vs. Night Warriors

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Following Sunday’s battle re-enactment event, the Shamrock Bulletin brings you the complete summary of the iconic World War V.

World War V was a community-wide war that centered around a heated conflict between the Army of Club Penguin and the Night Warriors. This conflict originated from the Night Warriors anti-ACP spirit and worsened after they lost to the ACP in a Legends Cup tournament battle. With their main goal being to take down and destroy the ACP, they formed an alliance with the Dark Warriors and Nachos and decided to first take out the ACP allies in an attempt to isolate us.

The first ally they intended on taking out was the Doritos, and so they declared war while also juggling heated tensions and raids with the Army of CP. ACP leader at the time, Mchappy, then made the decision to declare war on the Night Warriors and make a stand against their treatment of the Doritos. And thus, World War V began on February 3rd, 2011.

The enormity of the conflict even saw the return of ACP creator Oagalthorp, and Panel of Guardians Boomer and Shaboomboom, who all aided the army in a call to arms. The Night Warriors were the other world power army at the time and not an army to underestimate.

The war began with the ACP taking a defensive stance, but it was clear within the first few days that the Night Warriors and their alliance had the advantage, as they had claimed many of the ACP’s important servers: Snow Fort, Snow Globe and their capital Breeze.

As the ACP leaders decided to rethink their war plans, they decided upon an offensive strategy to try and turn the tide of the war in their favour. This led to the extremely significant ACP invasion of Fog, the Night Warriors capital and most closely guarded server.

The Invasion of Fog

Mchappy and Oagalthorp decided that the server Fog must be invaded as soon as possible, and both were positive they could win the war if they began with the heart of the Warriors empire. The invasion was scheduled a week in advance, giving them plenty of time to properly prepare.

Mass recruitment, hyping and plenty of speeches were given over the next seven days, with the soldiers of both sides rallied in support of their army. This battle would also be a 1v1 conflict, as the Night Warriors allies had strategically scheduled an invasion for the ACP birth server, Mammoth, at the start of the Battle for Fog. Deciding to ignore this cheap move and focus on their plan, the ACP logged on to meet the Warriors in battle.

The battle was a bloodbath for the Night Warriors, as the ACP had a showing of well over 100 soldiers while the Night Warriors could only muster a mere 35-40 penguins online. ACP began in the Docks, before moving through and claiming the Plaza, Snow Forts, Beach, Ice Rink, Ice Berg and finally the Box Dimension. The enemy armies were online for one hour and thirty minutes.

The impact of the battle, however, was even more significant. The tide had shifted and the Army of CP now had the advantage, while the Night Warriors and their allies were low in morale and stamina. The ACP’s shocking display at Fog even caused the Dark Warriors to switch sides during the war and leave the Nachos and Night Warriors.

The final part of World War V saw the ACP launch their ‘Operation: March of Destruction’ – which included a week full of invasions against the Night empire. ACP and her allies managed to claim a total of ten servers, while also successfully defending their historic server Snow Fort.

The war officially ended with an ACP victory on February 26th, 2011. The Nachos had already dropped out the war and left the Night Warriors alone in fight. The ACP reclaimed their capital server Breeze, and defended Fog from the Night Warriors, who tried to reclaim their capital in a desperate attempt of redemption.

Vendetta, leader of the Night Warriors, surrendered to the Army of Club penguin.

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ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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