Top Ten Armies [03/28/21-04/04/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As we enter the first week of April, what changes will occur in the Top Ten listing for the army community?

♦ 1. Ice Warriors [86.05] [+0]

♦ 2. Rebel Penguin Federation [80.71] [+0]

♦ 3. Army of Club Penguin [79.39] [+0]

♦ 4. Help Force [66.03] [+0]

♦ 5. Water Vikings [55.41] [+0]

♦ 6. Silver Empire [46.49] [+0]

♦ 7. Templars [42.00] [+0]

♦ 8. Special Weapons and Tactics [37.60] [+0]

[NEW!] 9. Fire Warriors [24.06]

♦ 10. Red Ravagers [23.22] [+0]

↓ 11. People’s Imperial Confederation [22.50] [-2]

12. Blue Ravagers Inc [17.98] [-1]

13. Pizza Federation [14.50] [-1]

↓ 14. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [11.00] [-1]

Click here for the calculations.

  • The highest event maximum for the week was 100, which was achieved by the Ice Warriors at March Madness tournament finals.
  • The Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events this week, a total of 8 each.
  • The Fire Warriors return to the Top Ten after a weeks absence, while the Cries Cult, Coffee Beans and Royal Penguins all fall off completely.
  • The People’s Imperial Confederation have had the biggest fall from last week, by two positions and therefore have dropped out of the Top Ten.

1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held seven events this week. Starting out, they held a fun AUSIA Pizza Party training event. This event achieved a size of 40. They followed up with an EU training the next day, this time maxing 43. Afterward, 51 warriors had a blast wearing froggy costumes for a fun takeover featuring CP Rewritten’s new catalog item. On Friday, the Ice Warriors had a showdown battle with the People’s Imperial Confederation, with 54 people in attendance. Next up, the warriors had a training event in preparation for the tournament finals the following day, peaking at a size of 55. To conclude their week, they fought in none other than the March Madness finals against the Army of Club Penguin, hitting 100+ penguins online and taking home a close victory.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of eight events this week. They kicked things off with Operation: RPF Cribs – an igloo tour which saw 46 troops in attendance. Next up, 48 Rebels strutted their best outfits at an AUSIA fashion show. In the following hours, they had a Red Starter Cap event, intended on showing around new troops while maxing 41 at the same time. On Wednesday, they hosted a scavenger hunt and saw a size of 48. The day after, 36 troops logged on for an AUSIA April Fools event, before the Federation promptly following up with an EU event wearing silly wigs. They were able to achieve a max of 58 for the latter event. Friday saw a fun game of hide and seek with an astounding 65 Rebels in attendance. To conclude their week, the Federation held an adorable bunny themed event maxing 43.


3. Army of Club PenguinThis week, the Army of CP held a total of eight events. They began with a WRFT: Victorious event, another entry in their We Rise From This initiative. They practised their formations and tactics in a general training event, and had a total max of 49. This was followed by an AUSIA event named WRTF: Innovation, where 40 soldiers were present. The next day, another WRFT event was held for the US Division, this time practicing Stamina. 43 ACP Penguins logged on to quickly swap between rooms as training. Next came a practise battle against the Water Vikings and the Silver Empire. 36 penguins logged on to defend their name, and won 3-0! After this came WRFT: Perseverance, which saw a max of 38 penguins practise their formations. The final WRTF event of the week was WRFT: Perfection. This event saw a max of 37 as ACP Soldiers practise speed and perfect formations. For April Fools day, the Army of CP became the Army of Fluffy Bunnies. With their new fluffy tails and rabbit noses, 31 Fluffy Bunnies logged on to fight a mystery army, the Blue Frogs. Returning to normality and to finish the week, the Clovers saw themselves facing the Ice Warriors in the much awaited March Madness Finals. 97 clovers logged on to fight for the trophy and fight for the dream.


4. Help Force: The Help Force held 5 events again this week. They began with a heist themed event where they were able to come up with a total of 53 Helpers online. After this, an AUSIA/Europe event dedicated to everyone’s favorite cartoon rabbit, Bugs Bunny, was held, where 43 Helpers hopped around the island. Afterwards, in a Practise Battle against the Water Vikings, they hit a max of 38 Helpers. Next came a caffeine-induced event in which they saw sizes of 42 Helpers online during AUSIA times. To end the week off, they participated in their own branch battle, fire versus water, in which they saw 41+ troops in attendance.


5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of six events this week. Their first was a Staff U-Lead event with 30 troops in attendance. Next, the army held a Civil War with 33 Vikings online. On Wednesday, the Water Vikings engaged in a three-way battle against the Army of CP and the Silver Empire with a max of 25. Their following event was a practice battle against the Help Force with 25 troops online. Next, the Vikings held their second battle of the Civil War with 32 vikings this time. To conclude their week, the Water Vikings held an AUSIA Training event with a peak of 27.


6. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire held a total of four events this week, their first being a Training event with 34 troops total in preparation for their upcoming battle. Next, the Silvers fought the Army of CP and the Water Vikings in a three-way practice battle with 19 troops in attendance. On Friday, the army held a Lumberjack Takeover with 20 silvers online. To conclude their week, the Silver Empire held an AUSIA Cart Surfer Tournament with 25 participants total.


7. TemplarsThe Templars held a total of four events this week, starting with a standard training event and peak size of 24 penguins. This was followed by another training event, this time with a higher maximum size of 32. A ‘Templar HCOM ULead’ event saw 26 in attendance, and their final event training event of the week saw 28 people in participation.


8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics held three events this week. Their first was a U-Lead training event with 26 troops in attendance. Next, SWAT held a Practice Training event with 24 troops online. Finally, an unscheduled AUSIA event saw 18 members in participation.


9. Fire WarriorsThe Fire Warriors held three events this past week, the first being a ‘Froggy Takeover’ with max size of 15. This was followed by an AUSIA division ‘(Fake) Retirement Event for Conor’ on April 1st, which saw an attendance of 10 penguins. Finally, they held an EU division Early Easter event with size of 14 in participation.


10. Red RavagersThe Ravagers had another quiet week, with four events in total. They started off with two US events, peaking a 9 soldiers online in both. The third event of the week was dubbed as a ‘Froggy Hat Takeover’ and had 10 troops in attendance. This week ended off with an AUSIA ‘Simon Says’ training event, and reached a high size of 12 online.


Where did YOUR army place in this weeks Top Twenty Armies? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

Top Ten Calculations Team

Caramel, Max, Sophie, LuciferStar

Top Ten Writing Committee

Max, Sophie, Caramel, Pungu, Fatchicken88

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