Clover Higher Command Inaugurates Rah, Promotes Max and Cubster

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As the Army of Club Penguin progresses into the March Madness finals, the army sees a significant change in their Higher Command. What exciting shakeups were there?

Following the Army of Club Penguin’s victory against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the March Madness tournament, Commander-in-Chief CSY announced some exciting changes in the Higher Command team. He first chose to announce Rah’s promotion to General. Although rare for newer members to be promoted to the HCOM team, he cited Rah’s initiative, willingness and ability to help, and enthusiasm as reasons behind her well deserved promotion. Paired with her past leadership experience as a Doritos leader and legend, there’s no doubt she will thrive in her new role.


Commander-in-Chief CSY announcing Rah’s promotion, among others.

Along with Rah’s promotion, he also announced the promotion of two of the army’s longtime Field Generals–Max and Cubster.

CSY stated in his announcement that the pair have been working extremely hard over the last few months, and as he has been busy with his own personal life, he has made the decision to make both Max and Cubster temporary Commanders-in-Chief for the final push of March Madness.

Announcement 2

CSY announcing Max and Cubster’s promotions to temporary Commanders-in-Chief

To get some insight on their promotions, the Shamrock Bulletin sat down with Max, Rah, and Cubster for an exclusive interview.

How do you feel about your recent promotion?

Rah: I feel quite honored about it. I found it so unexpected at first because I did not think ACP would even consider me for it LOL. However it was a pleasant surprise when I found out the news and I’m extremely grateful to join the HCOM team!

Cubster: It feels great honestly. Being trusted to run the army alongside Max, I want to thank CSY for this opportunity :pray:

Max: I feel amazing to be promoted to temporary Commander-in-Chief alongside Cubby! We’re both very excited to continue assisting CSY and the rest of the Higher Command with Operation: WRFT!

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

Rah: I just hope to be a good role model as that is a goal I initially set when I first joined as staff here. Other than that, I hope to provide extra support in general and lend a helping hand when needed!

Cubster: My goal would be to keep the army afloat until CSY comes back (lmao), win the March Madness tournament and hopefully achieve greater heights.

Max: Our plan is to keep up the fantastic work we’ve seen lately and the success of Operation: WRFT which led to the victory this past weekend. And to win the March Madness finals this weekend, of course!

What words of advice can you share with the army? 

Rah: My best piece of advice is to always stay positive. As cliche as it sounds, everyone here contributes to the army one way or another. The actions you commit during something great or during a misfortune, it influences others.

Cubster: Work hard, put your mind into it and you can achieve anything in life.

Max: Keep focused on the goal at all times and do not let yourself be distracted by external forces, especially those that wish to stop us from achieving our dreams.

Any other thoughts or comments to add?

Rah: Threes not twos 😉

Cubster: Keep marching on and believe in the dream.

Max: #MMisOURS! :wink:

It appears that our newly promoted Higher Command are in equally high spirits towards the future of the Army of Club Penguin. With the upcoming March Madness finals against the Ice Warriors being their first–and an incredibly important–trial, how do you think they will fare? 

What are YOUR thoughts on their promotions? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

ACP Sophie Sig

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  1. congrats guys!

  2. Woo ❤

  3. Amazing! Congratulations Max, Cub, and Rah!

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