[FEB 2021] Troop of the Month!

Salute ACP!

Whilst the month of February might be short, it’s definitely been a busy one. With many firsts – first CPR battle, first CPR HTML (and 2021) themed week for Valentines, first ACPTR season, many troops have stood out in their diligence. Following a very divisive vote by the staff, I am pleased to congratulate the TOTM for February 2021:


What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

For the month of February, Nyoooooom has been voted due to her activity in chat, dedication to ACP evident by her  efforts to attend events beyond her divisions, upholding impeccable behavior in chat, often helping remind other troops of the rules. With her active participation in community events, she’s become a staple in the chat with her vigor and enthusiasm. Thank you for your work Nyoooooom!

Interview with Nyoooooom

Hey Nyoooooom, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Hello everyone my name is nyoom and I’ll be quick and straightforward about this interview (and the other reason is to not introduce myself because I’m terrible at this… Also because I can be an emotional rollercoaster). I’m also the person who uses emoticons a lot, and if you don’t know what that is you probably forgot or you haven’t watched the emoji movie yet where just for a few seconds they appeared at the start of the movie.

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here?

I was recruited by Kailey’s alt account asking me to join “the fun server” they had, as she sent me the discord server invite link. I’ve been here for a month and 3 or 4 days (I’m in AUSIA and today is March 4 while it’s probably March 3 for the US and UK divisions since I’m participating in the Delta Division event set at 5pm EST time in march 3)

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?

I’ve been reading Troop of the Month and I think I was chosen based on the people who are really active in the server, because I’ve read the Troop of the Months and they always have interesting answers and you have a lot more questions then the other Shamrock interviews I’ve seen. Your probably interested on how I answer these types of questions. My real opinion on being Troop of the Month is being really active since I’ve joined, attended events and talked to a lot of people which are basically all mods at that time or people with a lot of high ranks.

What’s the story behind the name Nyoooooom? Is there a reason for 6 o’s… or did your finger just spasm on the button during the time? 😛

I actually heard it in a video where they make fun of the word nyooooom in a try not to laugh minecraft video of a youtuber named aphmau and I really liked the word. I also made this account due to forgetting my other accounts password. Now I won’t be able to talk to a story creator I really liked and was friends with ;w;

What’s your favorite moment in ACP?

My favourite moments… One of them being Tia making a react in 0.1 seconds to get 33 clovers, while later on Kailey (Not the one who does youtube) did the exact same thing. On the other hand… I would go with CSY asking me if I wear pants to Zoom classes while talking about school life and I think he didn’t really read the whole thing about my story since I hinted… that I was a girl. Which girl doesn’t wear pants to zoom classes .>. (sorry CSY but u have to include this in the report >:3)

Interviewers note: How would I know :sob:

Have you got a favorite tactic or formation?

While joining the delta event today I really loved the ripple tactic because it gives you time to react since usually there is a delay for switching tabs for from Discord to Club Penguin. Even when having the 2 tabs open in 2 windows it is hard to paste the word since the game screen turns small when it happened.

Any favorite event during your time in the Army?

I loved all the events in the army and all of them are memorable that I can’t pick a favorite

I hear you’re starting a petition to turn clovers into cookies – how’s that going? 😮

Really??I didn’t really make a petition for that, I just thought you usually get cookies because this week most of you were adding in that you were giving cookies at the end of the events.

I know you’re an avid participant in our Break Day skribbl.io events – who’s the most talented artist in ACP?

All of us are talented in our own ways and there are some in the skribbly (nickname for it) events who are good at drawing. I can’t really say who they are since most of the time people use other names instead of their discord username. You also can’t really tell who the most talented artist in ACP is due to those events either since the drawings are made at a limited time maximum being 1 minute and40 seconds. If you prolong the time it takes for the drawing you will be able to make a doodle into a sketch, a sketch into a colorful drawing, consider the background design and the aesthetics and even the minute details like shadows and others. (Yes I know these things even though I’m terrible at drawing humans… especially their hands and feet which is basically the most common enemy of drawers. Eyes are pretty much ok… till you get to see the more detailed eyes with their irises, eyebrows and other parts of the eye I can’t remember)

What do you enjoy most about the ACP Minecraft server?

I’m mostly there due to wanting to build things on a server, and one of them being a huge goal needing a lot of resources because they are usually done so in creative while not needing any mod that can fly to help. Sure they will help me build it easier but I like the challenge. Also because others can’t experience flying like when you’re sometimes on a boat but got kicked for flying… even though you’re on a boat o-o. As a builder myself I want more claim blocks which I asked mod Chicken (Since someone’s username is chickennuggie on the server and that’s a different chicken) to add more from which he changed 3000 to 5000… which is still not enough for me D: I know I can ask for claim blocks but I can’t really tell him how many blocks I want since I’m still not sure how large the things I will be building be. Hope there are more events in minecraft that can involve our own server instead of hypixel, due to others not being able to join the hypixel server

Any final words for the people of the ACP?

To the shamrock reporters: If you’re able to type this word for word and not copy paste I’ll applaud you since I was typing this while joining the Delta event which started 5am and now its 7am. Hope you have a fun time editing and reading my interview 😛

Interviewer’s note: No Shamrock reporters were harmed in this interview


Congratulations Nyoooooom (6 o’s) once again for becoming our TOTM!


ACP Leader and Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Congratulations Nyoooooom for an amazing month!

  2. Congratulation Nyoooooooom!

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  4. congrats nyooooomm glad i made you laugh XD

  5. Congrats Nyoooooom! :DD

  6. Congratulations Nyoooooom!! Amazing job, and keep up the awesome dedication ;D

  7. Congratulations nyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. Well deserved.

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