Moment of the Month: February 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As March arrives, we look back on the past month and celebrate what the Army of CP staff have selected as February’s ‘Moment of the Month‘.

The Army of Club Penguin staff team recently held a vote to establish what we believed to be the single ‘Moment of the Month‘ for February 2021. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact within our ACP community, be that be a war, retirement or promotion. So without further ado, we present the January moment and two runner-ups. 

3. Creator Oagalthorp Returns, Interviews with Shamrock Bulletin

Words by: Fatchicken88

As January came to a close, the Army of CP Discord server was shocked to witness the return of their founder, Oagalthorp. After several conversations with some soldiers of the army on the Discord main chat, he agreed to an interview with Shamrock Bulletin reporters Sophie and Max. They conducted said interview in an exciting group chat, and quizzed the army legend on a range of topics.

A few days later the Shamrock Bulletin published his full exclusive interview on the Army of CP website. The article was an instant success, generating attention from not only the ACP community, but the wider army community as a whole. With questions like “What are your thoughts on the current ACP community?” and “Do you have any regrets about your time in CP armies?”, this tell-all interview was a fantastic insight into the mind of our beloved creator.

2. Valentine’s Themed Half-Week; Soldiers Pair Up For Formal

Words by: Cubeoid

On February 9th, the ACP Higher Command announced a Valentine’s themed half-week which would aim to celebrate all forms of love within the community, including LGBTQIA+ love, love between family, and love between friends. This was to be through the medium of fun events both on and off Club Penguin. The five-day period that followed saw a range of fun community events, such as a ‘Single’s Listening Party’, ‘Love Song Karaoke’ and ‘Mr and Mrs’ gameshow.

On Club Penguin, the ACP soldiers enjoyed a fun joint event with brother allies the Help Force. This focused on love between friends, and concluded with an exciting in-game quiz. An ‘Operation: Love is Love’ event saw LGBTQIA+ love celebrated with a range of supporting tactics and formations, and later the Alpha and Echo divisions went head-to-head in a Valentine’s themed branch battle. The celebrations concluded on February 14th with a Valentine’s Formal, at which 58 soldiers were present.

1. ACP Win First Ever HTML5 Battle Against Special Weapons and Tactics

Words by: Caramel

Following the end of Flash last year, several Club Penguin servers such as CP Rewritten switched their game to a HTML5 platform. While many armies were still transitioning to HTML5, the Army of CP faced off against long-time enemy army the Special Weapons and Tactics in a practice battle on February 6th. Being the first ever HTML5 battle, both armies excitedly logged on that day around 5pm EST, keen to gain victory for their side. Although both put up a great fight, the Special Weapons’ max of 21 troops held a slight size disadvantage against the 39 Army of CP soldiers present. The 30 minute battle saw conflict occur at the Ice Berg, Snow Forts, and Inside Mine.

Ultimately, after the fighting had concluded, the result was deemed a 3-0 victory in favor of the Army of CP. This was a huge achievement for the army and put them in good stead for the next two battles that month, against the Help Force and Water Vikings.

And there we have it – the Moment of February 2021 and accompanying runner-ups. As we now head into the third month of the year, what can we expect to occur? And what moment will top our listing at the end of it?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Cubeoid, Fatchicken88, Caramel and Max

Shamrock Bulletin Reporters

2 Responses

  1. What an incredible month!!

  2. Lot’s of amazing things for February. Very excited to see what amazing things March will bring! ;D

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