Battle Review: Army of CP vs. Water Vikings

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Brother allies the Army of CP and Water Vikings clashed on Ascent just yesterday, but what happened and who came out on top?

Long-time brother allies the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings went head-to-head on the battlefields of Ascent yesterday, Saturday 27th, in a hotly contested face-off. The Army of CP claimed a maximum size of 48, while the Water Vikings recorded a peak of 26.

Room 1: Stadium

Both sides entered the first battle room, the Stadium, with a strong big word bubble tactic – the Army of CP opting for ‘GREEN WAVE’ while the Vikings went with ‘DESTRUCTION’. From here, the ACP assumed a circle formation that surrounded the Vikings neat plus formation, and an exchange of tactics followed. The Vikings were the first to move, executing several wipe movements before forming an X formation. This occurred while the Army of CP completed their own set of wipes before assembling themselves in a plane formation. Further movements were succeeded by the final room formations: the Vikings striking up a circle while the ACP assumed an underlined V.


Room 2: Ice Berg

The second room, the Ice Berg, saw the battle heat up as the Vikings countered the ACP’s L formation with a strong anchor one of their own. The Water Vikings used an array of movements to their advantage here and tried to break through the Army of CP’s newly formed anchor with an array of bombs and wipes. The Army of CP countered soon after with some Alpha/Echo branch wipes and an ‘INNOVATION’ big word bubble bomb. Both sides struggled with an X/V formation combination, and finished the second room with an exchange of word/emote tactics.


Room 3: Snow Forts

The third and final room saw both armies enter the Snow Forts with yet another big word bubble bomb in an attempt to drown the other out. The Army of CP then assumed a bunched plus formation, and the Vikings a V shape. As the Vikings changed quickly into a wipe movement, the ACP countered with a strong “YOU’RE DROWNING IN CLOVERS” tactic. After more movement from both sides, the Water Vikings assumed a plus formation while the ACP an anchor. More word tactics and emotes were exchanged to conclude a fantastic battle between the pairing.


Due to the friendly nature of the battle, no official winner was declared. There is no doubt that both sides put up a fantastic performance and are keen to get in that much-needed practice, particularly the Vikings who are rumoured to have a potential war on the horizon. Who could this be with? And who will the armies face off against next?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. What a fantastic battle! And thanks Wassim for the video!


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