Coffee Shop Chatter: “How do I become a staff member?”

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Field Marshal Max spills the tea when answering your burning questions.

What are the requirements for staff members?

Dear Reader,

The clover system is in operation for soldiers to rank up, but as you approach the top member-level ranks, there are a series of ‘tests’ for you to complete in order to become a staff member. The first of these is the ‘Major Test‘ in which the Major ranked soldier must successfully recruit three people into the army, in the space of a single week.

The second, and to finally earn the staff member position, the ‘Colonel Test‘ must be completed. This involves recruiting five members to the army for two consecutive weeks. Staff members are chosen based on these tests, as well as the individuals attitude, loyalty, maturity and whether or not Commander-in-Chief CSY believes they can handle the responsibility of such position.

With love, Max

What made you enjoy writing and managing news stories?

Dear Reader,

I have always had a journalistic nature and passion for writing, so the chance to utilise both of these in this community was too good an opportunity to miss. In the ‘OG’ army days, I worked as a member of the CP Army Central, and similarly have been involved with both CP Army Media and CP Army Hub, in which I was an administrator for six months. Not once did I tire of helping run the media aspect of these and am massively grateful for the memories and enjoyment I got from all these positions. I’m also very passionate about fair, accurate an unbiased media representation which is why I decided to helm the Shamrock Bulletin with my media accomplice and great friend Sophie, as a community-wide media organisation that also produces a quality weekly Top Twenty Armies.

With love, Max

What are the Higher Command’s favourite types of coffee?

Dear Reader,

Upon recieving this question I immediately contacted the rest of the Higher Command to find out their favourite type of coffee. Field Marshal Cubster responded with “I don’t drink coffee, but you can catch me drinking tea though!”, which was similar to General Daniel: “I dislike coffee LMAO, but I’d say Iced Tea, but the lemon type, its reallyyy good and i literally ask for it every time”. 

General Kailey stated she loves an Ice Cappuccino from Timmies, while General Tia said she prefers a Mocha. Finally, leader CSY ALSO told us he opts for a Mocha, while my personal go-to would be a delicious flat white.

With love, Max

What do you think of the Submarine Party?

Dear Reader,

I absolutely LOVE the new CP Rewritten Submarine Party – the rooms are beautifully decorated and you can clearly see how much hard work the CPR team have put in to it. It also helps a great deal as we can host so many exciting events based around the party, like the Operation: Yellow Submarine and Operation: Underwater Rescue from today!

With love, Max

If you would like to feature in next week’s ‘Coffee Shop Chatter’, then please contact Max on the ACP Discord.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

8 Responses

  1. oo tea is good

  2. tea is better than coffee

  3. tea sipper cubs!

  4. Tea is better than coffee though

  5. Love reading these! They’re so… golden. ;D

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