A History of ACP Themed Weeks

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Themed weeks have proven to be a staple in the Army of CP, providing soldiers the chance to relax and have fun amidst the hustle and bustle. Today, we take a look at a history of themed weeks in the army.

In our modern age, many armies have chosen to hold fun themed weeks for their troops to participate in and enjoy. These help boost sizes and increase activity of the army, while also making things more competitive for the soldiers and staff. Over the last year, the Army of Club Penguin has had several themed weeks, featuring a variety of events and fun mini-games. The Shamrock Bulletin is proud to provide a brief overview of themed weeks in the Army of CP’s history.

The Mysterious Attacker

Soon after CSY was promoted to Commander-in-Chief, strange glitches started to happen to the ACP website and Discord. Troops had to investigate and figure out where the attacks were coming from by solving puzzles and riddles that would lead them to the attackers. These changes became concerning when former leader and legend Koloway went missing. Upon learning about this predicament, the Clover Defenders logged onto CP Rewritten to find information that could help us determine where he had gone or been taken.

While he wasn’t found, the mission was successful with an important clue being discovered. As a result, there was further searching that led us to the attackers behind all the abnormalities. This occurred during a Spec Ops event called Operation: Incoming Transmission. A battle broke out between the Army of CP and the aliens, who were behind it all. The battle ended in a Clover victory, and we were able to drive them away and intercept another transmission.

Having learned more about the aliens, our next course of action was to go undercover to find out how to defeat the aliens once and for all in Operation: Undercover Aliens. We emerged victoriously thanks to all the knowledge we acquired in our previous missions, and finally rescued the hostage in Mission: Take Back Koloway.

Taking a break from the operations, a Card-Jitsu tournament was held where the winner would get a message from the attacker. Troop Xavieruwu won. In preparation for the final battle, two battle trainings were held to get soldiers ready to fight the invaders. In the final battle, many staff members were taken by the aliens but the remaining troops were able to rescue them all and defeat the attackers. We also hit our highest max of the week reaching 25 troops online. The one behind all the glitching, unsurprisingly, was Plok, an orange puffle known for his evil deeds. This week would gain the name ‘The Mysterious Attacker‘ and set the precedent for future themed weeks. While the next one wouldn’t be for several months, it would bring back one of the fiercest rivalries in ACP.

Echo vs. Alpha: The Civil War

Over the years, branch battles have become a staple of the Army of CP, featuring our two divisions: Alpha and Echo. While they seemed like all fun and games, tensions between the two branches would eventually boil over into a full blown Marvel Civil War: Alpha vs Echo. It began with Echo taking the first battle 2-0-1, but Alpha brought on the pressure when the next battle ended in a tie. Taking a small break from battles, we also celebrated Zelly’s birthday in a US event amidst this themed event.

For the third battle, Alpha would claim their first battle victory of the war after showing off their formation skills. On the fourth day of the war, Alpha and Echo fought OG-style which ended in another tie. During the fifth day, we took a break from the battles and played Agar.io, Skribbl, and had a fashion show. In both Agar.io and Skribbl, Alpha emerged as the victors, but Echo’s fashion sense helped them win the fashion show. On the sixth day, we had another battle and a Card-Jitsu tournament where Echo would come out the victors again by winning the Card-Jitsu tournament.

To finish the war, we finally united as an army under the Delta Division with Echo winning the only room of the battle on the seventh day. While Echo won many of the battles thanks to a size advantage, Alpha would win the majority of the minigame challenges. Despite this, Echo would still take home a 19-9 victory and be cemented as the winners of the Marvel Civil War. Two highlights of the war was the first battle, where we reached a peak size of 56 troops combined, as well as the two branches reuniting as Delta. Of course, this wouldn’t be the only time the branches would face off. 

Anniversary Theme Week

After many months of having typical practice battles and training sessions, we were approaching not only our fourteenth anniversary of being open, but also our one year anniversary since the revival of the army. We celebrated both milestones by having fun community-wide competitions and events throughout the week. To start off the week, we had an US/UK Xat-Lead event. Next, we held a branch battle between Alpha and Echo which ended in a tie. After the branch battle, we had an AUSIA event led by two former leaders, Bam and Sidie9, the 38th and 40th leaders of ACP. Afterwards, we held an event lead by one of the members of our Panel of Guardians, Mchappy, one of our the longest serving PoGs and a Club Penguin army legend.

Close to the big day, we chose to celebrate with our allies, hosting a birthday battle. To end the week, we had a record-breaking fourteenth birthday prom event, achieving an astounding max of 88. Throughout the week, community members were able to participate in the celebrations by sending in submissions of what was special about being part of the ACP community and come up with new ACP-themed emotes for the server. Not only did the week mark ACP reaching an impressive milestone, it also honored all those who had served in ACP over the years and those who had joined in this generation.

Royalty Theme Week

Following the conclusion of the Flight or Fright tournament, the Army of CP hosted a royalty theme week with a variety of fun events in the kingdom. Kicking off the week, the US division logged onto Mammoth for the Shamrock Masquerade Ball, where one of the highest maxes of the week was achieved. To make sure the kings of the kingdom, Mchappy and CSY, would be safe, the Royal Guard assembled to protect our capital in an AUSIA Changing of the Guard event. Later the same day, 42 dragons logged onto CPR for the How to Train Your Dragon event.

Following all of the bustle, we had a jousting tournament where 53 Cerulean Cavaliers and Scarlet Paladins faced off against the Silver Empire in a three-way branch battle. Continuing the fun events, 47 witches and wizards logged onto Mammoth for the AUSIA Sorcerer’s Spells event. Then, we held a Royal Wedding, with a fashion show in which soldiers could win Best Dressed by submitting their outfits to be judged. The last event of the week was a Quest: Save the King, at which the ACP members completed tasks in each room to find the kidnappers who took our king Mchappy. It was a successful week with increased troop participation and a peak size of 53 at the jousting tournament.

The Revenge War

Due to CPR not being available until the site transitioned to HTML5, the Higher Command planned another Civil War called The Revenge War, giving Alpha a chance to avenge their previous Civil War loss. Given Alpha’s successes in the mini-game challenges of the first Civil War, Alpha had a good shot at achieving that goal. To start the week, Alpha and Echo tied in a Krunker.io Capture the Flag battle, where both teams got an equal amount of points. However, momentum would shift towards Echo when they dominated the top three of an AUSIA Kahoot. Later that day, Alpha gained the upper hand again against Echo in a Xat Typerace. Afterwards, both branches’ drawing skills were tested by Jackbox: Drawful 2, but Echo came out on top.

Things would even out again with another tie in Xat Hide and Seek. The next competition was Agar.io, with Alpha achieving the victory this time. The next day featured Echo outwitting Alpha in another Jackbox game: Patiently Stupid. Both teams seemed to be neck to neck, but following this, Echo would take another victory in Skribbl.io, putting them in the lead. Not one to back down, however, team Alpha cut down on Echo’s lead by blowing them out in Minecraft Battle Royale.

After that close call, Echo increased their lead again with a victory in Shellshock.io, with Echo Higher Command Daniel getting the highest kill streak of 12. To end the week, Alpha and Echo fought in the first CP Rewritten branch battle of year. The battle ended in a tie. The Revenge War concluded with Echo earning 32 points and Alpha achieving 23 points, allowing Echo to defend their title and show that they could hold their own in mini-games as well as battles.

While theme weeks were rare at first in this generation, they have quickly become more frequent and now serve an important purpose to the army. They both retain troop activity and encourage some fun enjoyment, proving theme weeks to be a refreshing addition to the Army of CP’s typical event schedule.

What do YOU think? What type of themed event would you be interested in seeing and which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Field General & Shamrock Reporter

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  1. So many fantastic themed weeks! Great recap Skylar! ❤

  2. Nice post! I didn’t knew about Mysterious Attacker one.

  3. Marvelous post aurora! Loved reading every word from it 😀

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