Valentine’s Themed Half-Week Announced By Higher Command

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Army of CP Higher Command have announced an exciting Valentine’s half week starting tomorrow, where just one thing is on the cards: love!

Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday, and the Army of Club Penguin intend to celebrate by sharing as much love as possible. There are, of course, more forms of love than a conventional relationship between a man and woman. Love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. There is LGBTQIA+ love, love between family, and love between friends. A special half-week in the Army of CP aims to celebrate all forms of this through the medium of fun events both on and off Club Penguin.

So, what can you expect for the rest of this week? Well, lucky for you, the Army of CP planning team have come up with an array of events to keep you entertained. Here’s what we have in store:

Wednesday: February 10th

Cupid’s Lens

Kicking off our week is a formation-based event that will see the army complete an array of Valentine’s and love themed formations on Club Penguin. The event will also feature a ‘Cupid’s Lens’ picture taking moment that couples and groups (romantic or otherwise) can feature in.

Valentine’s Card Gifting

We will be organising a Valentine’s Card Gifting service, in which you can anonymously send letters of love and friendship to anyone in the army. You will be able to submit these up until Sunday and they will be delivered on Valentine’s Day!

Thursday: February 11th

Operation: Love is Love

We already know that love comes in so many more forms than the traditional relationship between man and woman, and this event will celebrate love for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Because love is love, no matter who it is.

Single’s Listening Party

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about our single ladies (and men)! Field Marshal Max will be hosting a Single’s Listening Party for all those that wish to join him in wallowing about having no man (or woman). Alexa, play ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn.

Friday: February 12th

Love Song Karaoke

General Kailey will be hosting an all-singing, all-dancing karaoke event where you will have the chance to belt out your favourite long song tunes. So get your vocal warm ups started!

Valentine’s Branch Battle

The latest themed branch battle will see members of the Alpha and Echo divisions rebrand for Valentine’s. Both the opposing team names and uniforms will be decided by the team members, and will see the two sides battle for victory. After all, all is fair in love and war.

Saturday: February 13th

Friendship Forever with the Help Force

This joint-event with our incredible brother allies, the Help Force, will see us take a trip down memory lane as we take a look back at our army’s friendship over time and how it has blossomed into what it is today. Because friendship is a form of love too.

Mr and Mrs

General Tia will be hosting a fun-filled game show that will pit pairs of people against each other to determine who really knows who best. Who will be crowned the victor?

Sunday: February 14th

Valentine’s Formal

The climax of our week will see a huge formal take place on Valentine’s Day itself. Put on your best outfit as we head out for a night of glitz and glamor. The prom will include an array of prizes too, ranging from best couple to best dressed.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Omg i cant wait!!

  2. Exciting!

  3. exciting week ahead!

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