[US] Mission: Deep Dive – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today’s mission was to have fun at the underground swimming pool! Taking place on CPRewritten’s server Ascent, the clover troops got dressed with their swimming gear and showed their excitement for todays mission. Although you shouldn’t dive in shallow swimming pools, that rule doesn’t apply to our amazing penguin family! A total of 43 troops from the US division came to the event to show off their deep diving skills, take a look at the beautiful pictures we have below!

Max: 43

Keep up the great work team! Be sure to react in #event-chat if you attended this event. If you’re looking for more fun like this, be sure to check out #events as there’s always more!

Comment down below if you attended this event!



4 Responses

  1. I was there!

  2. I came!! great event

  3. I came to this event, I kinda liked this one the most cause I had perfect fps and ping when doing this one lmao.

  4. I camee

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