Legend Interviews: Bobcatboy10

Hey there Shamrock Bulletin-ers!

Today the Shamrock Bulletin decided to pay a visit to the 18th leader of the Army of CP, ACP Legend, Medal of Honor, and Bronze Medal recipient Bobcatboy10 and ask a few questions about his ACP endeavors.

But first an introduction of Bobcat by none other than himself:

I’m Bobcatboy10! My first introduction to cp armies was being a Viking during the Mammoth days. I have been in VCP (Vikings of Club Penguin) [Leader], Golds [2ic], and co-created the Ice Vikings [Leader] with Bottlefanta. I joined ACP in 2008 and became leader after Matre10 in Sept. 2010. Some few notable moments in my leadership were big wars between IW, Nachos, and the rising NW. ACP was the #1 army throughout my four months of leadership. In December 2010, I had very bad computer problems to our family’s only desktop at the time in which I made the decision to demote myself and promote Mchappy to Supreme Commander. I thank my HCOM for stepping up and carrying the load in my final moments where I couldn’t lead. I spent the rest of my time in ACP as 2nd in Command under Mch and Flen leaderships and then eventually as advisor to leaderships afterwards. Now, I rejoined as a Supervisor and I am loving my time still in ACP!


Now that we know his basic history, let’s move on to the interview questions!


When did you lead the Army of CP, and what helped you reach a leadership position?

I lead the ACP between Sept. 2010 through Dec. 2010, stepping down from my leadership position to promote the wonderful Mchappy. I believe what helped me reach my goal of Supreme Commander of the Army of Club Penguin was hard work and staying dedicated to ACP. When I joined in 2008, I focused only on being a soldier in ACP.

What is your favorite thing about ACP, and briefly, what does ACP mean to you?

Oh! Easily the community that is all around us in ACP! We show up everyday not mainly to play as a virtual penguin, but to see friends and fellow soldiers that have become a big part of our lives. I would say ACP has given every soldier a since of pride to be in this army. Not to show off and boast about, but to understand we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves!

What is your most memorable/favorite moment from ACP?

My most memorable moment in ACP has to be when Boomer20, who worked for CPAC at the time, did a study on ACP leaders and concluded that I was one of the only few leaders to keep ACP the #1 army throughout their leadership term. Thus, he and Shaboomboom awarded me the Medal of Honor for my service years after my leadership. I was surprised myself!

What is the most memorable event/battle you have attended or led?

Probably a series of battles for the historic server of Mammoth with the Nachos. As you know, ACP and Nachos history extends far and wide. ACP owned Mammoth and a few armies had talks, led by the Nachos, to make the server neutral without talking to ACP.

What is one message you would like to share with the entire army in this post?

Well, coming from a fellow soldier out of Winter Land (my original cp server), I’d like to say thank you for carrying the vision for this army over the years and into the future. This army will always have a special place in our hearts and always defend what you love/have loved. Continue to stand up for what is right even if you have to do it alone! Over & Out!
That concludes our interview with Bobcat! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll be sure to post more in the future.
Shamrock Bulletin Reporter Trainee Level 2.0

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  1. Amazing interview!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. It was a real pleasure!

    Over & Out!

  3. Wowie bobcat is great Salute!

  4. Bob is awesome!!

  5. why does everyone spell honour wrong smh

    but fr awesome interview

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