ACP Civil War: Days Three and Four Recap


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – As war continues to wage on between Alpha and Echo, an unexpected turn of events have led to betrayals from both sides. Here, we recap all the battles and competitions between the divisions, and figure out which division is coming out ahead.

Day 3 (AUS): A Race Down Bunny Hill
Tuesday September 15th – Alpha and Echo took it to the AUSIA division to duel it out in the first ever AUSIA branch battle since ACP reopened. Echo hit a max of 19 troops whilst Alpha were not far behind with a max of 17 troops (max ACP = 38). In the first room, Echo were declared victors due to a size advantage, larger formations and faster tactics – but Alphas quickly caught up in terms of sizes in Room 2, covering the Echoes better.
This meant that Sled Racing would determine the victors of this battle – and Echo showed their poweress, with Daniel knocking out Cubby, Enigma knocking out Carmelo in the semifinals. Enigma ultimately won the point for the Echoes, leading to the war score of:
Day 3 (US): The Battle of Forms

Later on the day, the Alphas faced off once more against the Echoes in ACP’s first ever formation battle (max ACP: 41). With the final score literally neck in neck: 12-12, the Alphas eventually came out ahead by winning the tie breaker, taking home 2 points for their team.
Score: 53
Dough not mess with me: A Pizza making contest

With troops starving from all the battling, we all needed some  to regain strength – and so we put Alpha and Echo troops to the test in a Pizzatron contest. The winning team would win 1 point for their team.
1st place: Sawfishpro with his perfect pizzatron score
2nd place: Enigma
3rd place: Cuboid
The Alphas showed mastery over the elements of pizza making, winning this contest.
War Score: 54

Day 4: A Throwback to ’06

In an unexpected turn of events, Echo general Kailey, alongside 3 moderators, organized a betrayal against the Echoes – stating Max’s dominance over all aspects of event leading, as well as his obsession over Koloway to be the reason. (seems like max’s going to be the next sirplus )

With this sudden turn of events, the UK division faced off in an OG CPA style battle, where both sides attempted to assert dominance with snowball throwing skills…

With the Echoes peaking at 18 troops, and the Alphas peaking at 16 (max ACP: 37), the battle was eventually declared a TIE.

War Score: 65
Dissatisfied with the result of a tie, the Echoes challenged the Alphas once more to another OG CPA style duel This time, with Echoes peaking at 18 once more, and alphas peaking at 12 (Max ACP: 34), the Echoes took home the victory.

War Score: 85
With 4 days of Civil War underway, the Alphas have shown dominance in games whilst the Echoes have generally managed to keep their sizes up. Who will eventually be crowned the victorious division?

Shamrock Bulletin Reporter-in-training
got demoted by Kailey for “bias” against bagged milk in last post 
Still ACP Leader though

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